Message In the bottle? Weight loss is harder than this...

Daisy Buchanan ponders if a new perfume can actually help you lose weight...

By Zoe Zahra 31/07/2012 14:07

Woman spraying perfume

If you've been watching the Olympics whilst dialling for the odd Domino's and wishing that you too had an award winning physique, help might be at hand. French fragrance house Robertet have unleashed a new scent as part of their Veld brand.


Called Prends-Moi, or Take Me, it aims to help wearers slim by releasing 'b endorphins' through the skin, triggering a 'pleasure' sensation and making users ignore the need to snack. 75% of women in the trial study, aged between 18 and 70, reported that they stopped feeling the urge to eat when they weren't hungry. Prends Moi is available at a wallet friendly £29.99, but the weight loss waiting list is already up to 6,000.


The suggestion that instant, effortless weight loss is achievable is always going to grab headlines. Being healthy is hard. Somehow it's easier to remember to go for a glass of wine after work than to drink eight glasses of water a day. And 20 minutes on a cross trainer feels like an eternity, but 20 minutes of working your way through a tub of Haagen Daas Praline and Cream passes surprisingly quickly.


Who can blame us for putting on the pounds-and looking for a quick fix when it comes to shedding them?


Our lives aren't optimised for healthy living. Long commutes, extended working hours and too much time behind a screen prevent us from being active. And more often than not, the meals we eat are designed to be prepared quickly, and contain huge amounts of hidden sugar and fat. It all adds up to weight gain, and a higher level of obesity in the UK than ever before. Who can blame us for putting on the pounds - and looking for a quick fix when it comes to shedding them?


The trouble with weight loss is there is only one way to achieve it in a healthy, sustainable way - and it's been around since dinosaurs were staying trim by running after their food. If you use more energy than you're taking in, you will gradually become slimmer over time. If you want to lose weight safely, there are no shortcuts. As many celebrities will testify, going to extremes may lead to short term weight loss, but it's all to easy to put all the weight back on - and more - soon afterwards.


If you're eating to cheer yourself up, it could be because you're feeling run down, lacking in energy and a little depressed


The only way Prends Moi might work is to make users feel sexier and more confident- inspiring them to make healthier choices. If you're eating to cheer yourself up, it could be because you're feeling run down, lacking in energy and a little depressed. If you pamper yourself with a perfume, you might then choose to pamper your body in other ways. If you love your body, you treat it properly, which leads to eating balanced meals and exercising.


Ultimately anything that encourages a more mindful approach to food, eating and diet can only be a good thing. I can only hope that the 6,000 people on the Prends Moi waiting list are taking a holistic approach to their figures, health and happiness - and are not just looking for a magical over the counter fix.


Daisy Buchanan writes about anything from feminism to reality telly for Sabotage Times, Vagenda and Huffington Post. She tweets a lot - if you like pictures of rude signs and silly puns, she's @NotRollergirl.

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