Colin Firth Mark Darcy Bridget Jones  Rex Features
Why Helen Fielding was right to kill off Bridget Jones’s Mark Darcy

Stop the hysteria - Darcy was as disposable as his Christmas jumpers, says Caroline Corcoran

Miss Nigeria at the World Muslimah competition  ASSOCIATED PRESS
World Muslimah is no different to any other Miss World competitions

The new Muslim Miss World has been crowned. While this is a breath of fresh air – a beauty contest where women don’t have to take their clothes off – should we still be having them at all asks Periwinkle Jones…

Lena Dunham Tracy Anderson  Reuters, PA
Hands off Lena Dunham's body! An open letter to Tracy Anderson

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson said she could ‘transform’ Lena Dunham. Instead, argues Caroline Corcoran, how about we transform our view on what makes a woman successful?

Bum baring shorts  Rex Features
Girls, please put your bum cheeks away!

Has fashion bottomed out with the rise (literally) of this summer's bum-baring super-short shorts? Poppy Dinsey thinks so...

Jennifer Aniston pregnant  AP
Why are we SO obsessed with Jennifer Aniston having a baby?

As Jen addresses the latest pregnancy rumours, Caroline Corcoran asks why we can’t accept that a woman may want something different to a traditional female narrative

No more Page 3  Rex Features
There's still lot to do in the fight against bare boobs on Page 3

The Irish Sun's decision to lose the boobs is a start, but there's still a long way to go, writes No More Page 3 campaigner Lucy-Anne Holmes

Camp Gyno Hello Flo
Why it's so important that this girl shouts the word PERIOD

And TAMPONS! And VAGINA! A new sanitary protection ad is straight talking, funny - and might be just what we need to bring periods out of the wings*, says Caroline Corcoran

Katie Hopkins  Associated Press
Katie Hopkins is proof that opinion journalism has gone too far

Former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins is doing her best to make herself Britain’s most hated woman. She might be making money out of being a professional troll, but at what cost, asks Periwinkle Jones…

Liam Gallagher  Rex Features
Liam Gallagher’s 'love child' shows how badly ‘promiscuous’ women are treated in the media

Liam Gallagher has got away without a public roasting, despite allegations of a second love child being unveiled by the media this week. A woman would have been vilified for the same offence, says Periwinkle Jones.

Man doing housework  sturti,Getty Images
Why women need to put down the hoover and let men have a go

Even though the majority of women work 9-5s, they’re still doing the lion share of the chores when they get home. We can’t blame men forever, we have to learn to let go, says Periwinkle Jones.

Man watching computer  Image Broker,Rex Features
David Cameron’s porn censoring scheme isn’t the answer

David Cameron has pledged to rid the internet from porn by introducing a porn blocker and warning pop ups on websites. While it’s a nice idea, it’s misguided and not going to work, says Periwinkle Jones.

Wedding party  Tom Merton.Getty Images
I don’t want to spend a week’s wages on your wedding

A survey published this week revealed that the average Brit spends one week’s wages on EVERY wedding they go to. I like you but not THAT much, says Periwinkle Jones.

Duchess of Cambridge royal baby  PA
Stop the royal baby frenzy!

Our obsession with Kate and the royal baby is out of control, argues Caroline Corcoran - and so is our fixation with pregnant women in general

Virginia Wade  PA
Let's get this straight: Andy Murray is NOT the first Brit to win Wimbledon since 1936

Why are the media and even David Cameron ignoring FOUR British female Wimbledon winners? Because sport is inherently sexist, argues Sophie Wilkinson

Andy Murray  Jonathan Brady PA Wire Press Association Images
Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win has made him sexy

Andy Murray hasn’t just won the Wimbledon Tennis finals, he’s won over a half the female population with his manly grunts and shirtless pictures. Everyone loves a winner says Periwinkle Jones…

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