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From the 40s quiff to hot-headed waves, top tips to get red-carpet ready

Go glam this season with A-lister worthy hair. From the 40s quiff to hot-headed waves, we've asked the experts for their top tips on how to get your hairstyle red-carpet ready.

Jennifer Aniston (© Image © Rex Features)

1. Instant shine

For an au naturel look that doesn't take much preparation, why not take a tip from Jennifer Aniston and wear your locks loose? It's a pretty, fresh look that complements Jennifer's understated style. Make sure your hair is in tip-top condition beforehand though, rats' tails are not a good look.

Feleny Georghiou, creative director of Connect Hair System offers this advice: "Use a colour shampoo or rinse that will add rich tones to your natural colour. Superdrug sells a colour shampoo called Colour Effects, which costs about £1.20 - you shampoo into your hair and leave for about 15 minutes. Then rinse and condition as normal. Blow-dry the hair straight and add a little Marrakech oil. The natural hair will appear ultra-shiny almost like polished wood."

Why not try a hair treatment mask such as Tresemmé's affordable range of treatments? The colour-recovery hair mask, £4.38 from Boots, and split-end remedy, £5.50 from Boots, are particularly good value. For extremely dry and frizzy hair, try Aromatherapy Associates Enrich hair oil. Packed full of natural plant extracts such as coconut oil and essential oils such as ylang ylang, geranium and rosemary, this treat transforms dry and damaged hair into sleek and glossy tresses.
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Fergie at the Grammy Awards (© Image © Rex Features)

2. Sleek up-do ponytail
Elegant and chic, an up-do ponytail, as seen on Fergie at the Grammy Awards, is the sleekest look of the season. Feleny Georghiou says: "It looks fabulous because it is so high and because the pony is positioned high, it can make you look taller and slimmer." You can recreate the look with Feleny's four easy steps:

  • Give hair a good brush with a 100% bristle brush. This high-quality Denman natural boar bristle brush is perfect for smoothing your locks.
  • Pull hair back and up and tie into a ponytail tightly with a covered band.
  • Rub a little bit of oil or wax into your hands and then gently smooth over hair making sure that any flyaway bits stay down. Alberto VO5 wax really works at taming flyaway hair.
  • Once tied in a pony tail, take a small section from under the pony and wind around the band. Once it is wound around and can't go any further, tuck the ends of the wrapped around section back underneath the hair band. This will really secure in place. Maybe add a clip for an extra secure fix.

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If you don't have hair long enough to create an impressive pony then A-List Clip-In Hair Extensions by Feleny Georghiou Wrap Around Ponytail, £29.99 from Connect Hair System, will do it for you. Simply wrap your hair into a little bun, attach and secure the faux pony using the velcro strip, disguise any stray strands and hey presto, a chic up-do.
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3. Oriental pony
Add an oriental twist to the classic pony with this style suggestion by Shu Uemura ambassador, Stephen Low. To get the look, as seen on Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, he says: "Prep hair first with Shu Uemura Depsea Spray, then blow-dry, this gives hair hold so it is far simpler to style. Add a nugget of Tasai Cream through the hair, to add texture. Start with a loose ponytail at back. Then pass the ponytail through the centre of the hair creating a twist then with long hair clip, clip the ponytail mid-way to head." This will create a gorgeous look that Low describes as: "Fabulous for the red carpet as it's quaint and dainty."
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Christina Hendricks at the Elle Style Awards 2012 (© Image © Rex Features)

4. Hot-headed waves
Pretty, loose curls are always a hit on the red carpet. From Emma Stone to Christina Hendricks at the recent Elle Style Awards 2012, this beach head look is popular among the A-listers. Remington's session stylist, Chris Appleton, recommends these following five steps to get this gorgeous texture and voluminous movement:

  • For multi-textured beachy waves, start by finding your natural parting and then section the hair into manageable pieces.
  • Using the Remington Stylist Multi-Style with tong attachment, secure the hair under the clip and wrap around the barrel backwards away from the face.
  • Hold for 10 seconds then push the clip to release the hair. Using a hair pin, roll each curl and grip up, spray with hairspray and allow to cool.
  • Once cool, unpin, and run fingers through to break up the curls then gently brush through to create waves.
  • Gently push styling cream into the hair to add moisture, add another layer of hairspray and pull back into a very loose knot to allow the hair to set and find its own movement. Release, shake and you are ready to go!

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Adele at the Grammy Awards (© Image © Rex Features)

5. The 40s quiff
Recreate the screen goddess look with a few handy tips from Stephen Low. To get a 40s quiff, as seen on Adele at the recent Grammys and numerous other starlets, after prepping your hair with Depsea Spray and one pump of Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Oil to enhance shine, you'll be ready to start. He says: "Take a fringe-like section near the front section and comb forwards onto the forehead. Then curl in to form a roll and pin flat on head. Take aside the section and comb out. Finally, curl up another section and pin to head and then do the same on the other side." This will help you obtain a very 40s look in seconds and is a fantastic day-to-evening style. To hold the style in place, Low recommends finishing with Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer for show-stompingly shiny hair.
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Fearne Cotton at the Baftas (© Image © Rex Features)

6. Soft 20s wave

Thanks to the Bafta award-winning film, The Artist, the 20s is currently firmly in the spotlight and Fearne Cotton was seen sporting such a look at the ceremony itself. Recreate the soft 20s wave by following Chris Appleton's tips:

  • To start the look, apply a volumising mousse to damp hair and blow dry with the Remington Turbo dryer.
  • Once dry, divide the hair into three horizontal sections - top, middle and lower. Comb through each section from the roots to the ends, to make sure that you achieve a super-smooth finish.
  • Select setting one on the Remington Multi Styler for straight hair and starting with the lower section, glide the Multi Styler through the hair. To keep volume at the roots only work through mid-lengths to ends.
  • Repeat through all the hair. Finish with a gloss serum for serious shine.
  • For soft waves extend the curling bar to setting three on the Multi Styler. Put a section of hair inside the styling plates. Turn the Multi Styler 180 degrees away from you and then continue to gently rotate the styler as you slide down the hair.
  • Spritz each section with hairspray for extra hold as you work through all the hair. When all hair is curled, gently brush through to create a soft wave.

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Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes (© Image © Ciao)

7. The ballerina bun
Elegant and chic, the ballerina bun will never go out of fashion and as Angelina Jolie proved at the Golden Globe awards, this hair style allows your dress to do all the talking. Top celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward says this look is easy to create with day-old hair. Here are his tips:

  • Start by applying my Couture Hair Memoriser Holding Serum (£17 from qvcuk.com) through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. As well as smoothing and de-frizzing the hair, it contains a heat protector which is vital for the next step.
  • Create a side parting in your hairline and apply small, heated rollers. Work down the sides of the head, and keep the rollers parallel to the parting. Apply hairspray to each section of hair before you wrap it around the rollers to tame any flyaway hairs. Leave the rollers in for 15 minutes or until they're completely cool and remove. Despite this being an up-do - it's important to carry out this step as you'll need wavy hair to create the bun.
  • Once the rollers have been removed, gently comb through the waves using a wide-tooth comb. Now, lean your head back and using your hands gather your hair together into a ponytail. This is a great tip to prevent any hair sagging at the back of your head. Secure the hair in place with a hair band.
  • Smooth some wax over your head to tame any frizz or flyaway hairs. This will also create a very slick finish. Now, using a small section of hair, carefully wrap it around the hair band to disguise it. Secure in place using a hair grip.
  • The base of the pony tail will eventually become the bun, so with this in mind, gently wrap and twist small sections of hair around the band and secure them into place using grips and pins. Work with the waves that you've created using the rollers to build the size and shape of the bun.
  • If you have fine hair, you can backcomb the small sections of hair to increase its substance and volume. To do this, use a comb to backcomb a small section from the root, apply a little wax down the hair length and then smooth it over using a bristle brush before shaping it into place and securing with grips.
  • Once you've created your bun and are happy with its shape, simply finish the look with a blast of hairspray and you're ready to go.

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8. Mini beehive
Inspired by the 60s, the looser-looking mini beehive is a softer take on the ballerina bun and works to delicately frame the face. Think Brigitte Bardot and try this sexy style for yourself by following Low's advice. He says: "Prep with Depsea Spray and a pump of Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Oil thoughout the hair. Backcomb all the roots of hair from the neckline upwards, until just below the crown. Then section the hair in two pieces. Grip the front backcombed section, pull back and pin down and the same goes for the under section." This will help you achieve the desired look and, as Low says, will look like a softer Cheryl Cole beehive as well as having the essence of the latest Miu Miu campaign.
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