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Festival packing list 2012

Despite the fact that Glasto will not be taking place this year, there are plenty of other festivals up and down the country to cater for all musical tastes. From the oh-so-stylish Vintage festival in July to the folk-based Green Man weekend in Wales, get packing now for a weekend listening to some of the finest tunes this summer. And with the Isle of Wight festival kicking it all off this weekend, we thought it was about time to suggest some essentials for your festival packing list 2012.

1. Easy Camp Tipi Carnival Tent, from £66.99
Whatever you do, do not forget to pack your tent. This may seem a bit obvious but even the most meticulous of packers and experienced of festival-goers have been known to leave their shelter behind. Why not add a bit of colour to a field of green with a brightly coloured tipi-style tent? Yes, it's slightly retro but the combination of a colourful canvas, centre pole and multiple guylines ensure that this essential piece of kit will stay put and stand out from the sea of tents at any festival campsite. The guide says this tipi carnival tent will accommodate up to four people but it could get very snug. Make the most of this four-berth tent and all the space on the hexagonal floor at any festival this summer. For a cheap alternative that will house up to two people, you can try this Easy Camp Comet 200 Explorer Dome Tent. From just £14.50, you can't really argue with the price and it's easy to assemble, which makes it the perfect shelter for two to three days.
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Easy Camp Tipi Carnival Tent (© Image © Ciao)

2. Gelert Sleeping Pod Sleeping Bag, from £12.50
If you do manage a bit of shut-eye in-between all the revelry, snuggle up in a warm and cosy sleeping bag such as these sleeping pod sleeping bags from Gelert. Not only are they extra-wide so your body doesn't feel restricted inside, these uniquely shaped pods also come in a range of colours and patterns, including this patriotic union jack flag design. It has been known to be a bit chilly in what us Brits call summer so a sleeping bag liner could come in handy when the temperatures drop.
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Gelert Sleeping Pod Sleeping Bag (© Image © Ciao)

3. Dunlop wellies, from £10.85
Only available in a classic shade of bottle-green, Dunlop wellies are a staple for many a festival-goer as the rubber sole and outer boot make them both durable and built to last. Keep your tootsies dry and warm in a pair of these purse-friendly wellies from Dunlop. You could of course opt for a stylish pair of Hunter wellies, which are all the rage among the hipsters and available in a variety of colours. For an extra-layer of warmth, try Hunter's range of boot-shaped, fleece welly socks. Or give yourself the edge in a pair of wedge wellies - they're wellies with a wedge platform that will work to elongate your pins.
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Dunlop wellies (© Image © Ciao)

4. Kagoul, from £5.50
You can never predict the British weather so make sure you take all the right precautions before going to a festival, including a trusty kagoul. This version from Tesco is made out of waterproof polyester, has tapered seams to prevent any water seeping in and comes neatly packed away in a bag, ready to pullled out when it's needed. For slightly more coverage, try a Folklore waterproof poncho - this particular poncho comes at a price, £18.99, but it does have it's own pocket into which you can stow it away, as well as the ability to grow in volume to protect you and your handbag.
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Kagoul (© Image © Ciao)

5. Uni-Com Wind-up Karabiner Torch, from £3.80
Not only will this essential gadget help you avoid the many pitfalls and disasters waiting to happen on a pitch-black, festival camping site, but it also runs on a wind-up mechanism as well as batteries. Perfect for camping and festivals, this handy torch is also made out of durable plastic, boasts a powerful light and weighs under 200g. For something a little more fun, choose between these wind-up torches in the shape of a penguin, cow or pig - you could always give them to a nephew or niece afterwards or even keep them for yourself!
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SunnCamp LED Animal Wind-up Torch (© Image © Ciao)

6. Portable mobile phone charger
There's nothing worse when you're at a festival than leaving your gang for five minutes to pop off to the loo, only to find, when you return, that they've shoved up the crowd a few places. Thankfully, the mobile phone is always at hand to help you locate your mates, but what happens when it runs out of juice? Make sure you avoid this situation by taking along a handy portable mobile phone charger.
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Portable mobile phone charger (© Image © Ciao)

7. Babyliss Portability Cordless Ceramic Thermacell Hair Straighteners, £21.05
Just because you're spending two or three days at a festival doesn't mean you can't look your best, right? Well, unless you're one of the VIPs with a Winnebago and stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers at your side, there's no way you will come out of your tent looking perfectly groomed. You can, however, make at least a little bit of an effort thanks to these cordless hair straighteners from Babyliss. While they may not seem like an essential to some, the idea of taming frizzy locks and smoothing out kinks can be very appealing, especially for those working the ethereal festival look this summer.
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Babyliss Portability Cordless Ceramic Thermacell Hair Straighteners (© Image © Ciao)

8. Wet wipes
It goes without saying that when it comes to festival living, wet wipes are an absolute essential. What else can you use to remove the dirty grime from your face? Or wipe that mustard from your chops after a greasy hotdog? Multipurpose and easy to pack, a packet of wet wipes should be next on your list after a tent and sleeping bag - remember, you can always use them for a quick clean if a shower is not available. Wet Ones Sensitive Wipes are fab people with sensitive skin, or grab a separate pack of Olay Gentle Cleansing Wipes for your face as they tend to be a bit more gentle on your skin.
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Olay Cleansing Wipes (© Image © Ciao)

9. Dry shampoo
If you're not able to take a shower or your barnet is erring towards greasy-as-chip-fat-territory, then dry shampoo is an absolute must. Available in a variety of scents and sizes, Batiste Dry Shampoo allows you to be confident that you can skip a wash without anyone knowing.
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Batiste Dry Shampoo (© Image © Ciao)

10. Sun cream
We may pray for a dry and sunny weekend but we're not always well prepared to make the most of it when the sunshine does come out to play. Protect yourself from the harmful rays by using a suntan cream or lotion. Piz Buin has a fantastic range of products. These include Piz Buin Day Long, which should last you the entire day. And if you do end up a tad on the lobster side, reach for the aftersun.
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Piz Buin Day Long Lotion (© Image © Ciao)

With thanks to Megan Short for all her help.
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