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Celebrity fragrances 2012

You may not have the body of Beyoncé, husband of Posh or jewellery box of the late and oh-so-glam Elizabeth Taylor but, thanks to an explosion in the fragrance market, you can now smell like the stars. Madonna is the latest to launch her new fragrance Truth or Dare (alongside a provocative video) so we bring you our pick of the crème de la crème of celebrity fragrances.

Truth Or Dare by Madonna (© Image © Ciao)

1. Madonna Truth Or Dare EDP, from £32 for 50ml

The queen of reinvention is back with a new album entitled MDMA and a sultry fine fragrance. Launched last month in Macy's, New York, this unique blend of florals, vanilla and musk creates a memorable and contemporary scent. On creating the perfume, Madonna told the Nation: "I always smelled the smell of gardenias and tuberose on my mother, so I wanted to create a fragrance that reminded me of her." Madge's first venture into the world of fine fragrance aims to intoxify her fans - let's see if it proves to be as popular as the star herself.
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Intimately Beckham (© Image © Ciao)

2. Intimately Beckham for Her EDT, from £38.02 for 75ml
Before the eponymous fashion line and Evoque Range Rover, Victoria Beckham and hubbie David let us explore their lavish lifestyle by creating a his'n'her perfume range entitled Intimately Beckham. Created from an opulent bouquet of white flowers, this lingering scent opens with fresh top notes of lily, tuberose and neroli moving through to heart notes of bergamot and nose petals and finishing with the woody notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

The result is a sensual floral fragrance, which one user on ciao.co.uk described as: "light and floral, perfect for daywear." If you're looking to switch scents as we move into summer, then Intimately Beckham for Her is a fantastic choice for those long lazy days.
Find Intimately Beckham for Her on Ciao

Katy Perry Purr (© Image © Ciao)

3. Katy Perry Purr EDP, from £13.99 for 15ml
What you'll first notice about this fragrance is the bottle. Just like the quirky and very unique Katy Perry, this cat-shaped bottle, complete with collar, would certainly bring a touch of charm to your dressing table. Launched in 2010, this fruity fragrance is the combination of citrus, apple and peach, luxurious vanilla orchid and sandalwood and a delicate floral bouquet supported by jasmine blossom, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose. She reportedly told the Daily Mail she wanted, "Something delicious and special, a fragrance with subtle hints that linger and leave a sexy memory." Even if you're not Katy Perry's biggest fan, her fragrance Purr EDP is, according to one user on Ciao, "very feminine and soft" and "a versatile scent that suits both day and night."
Find Katy Perry Purr EDP on Ciao

Rihanna Reb'l Fleur (© Image © Ciao)

4. Rihanna Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna EDP, from £30 for 100ml
The latest fragrance from hot stuff Rihanna is a sure-fire way to get you in the mood for summer. Exotic and unforgettable, Rihanna Reb'l Fleur blends heart notes of Hawaiian hibiscus flower, tuberose and coconut water with top notes of red berries, peach and plum and the musky base notes of vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. It isdescribed as a fruity chypre by The Perfume Shop, Rihanna says, "This fragrance is about my passion for individuality - being expressive and empowering, yes, but also emotional and intriguing. I wear my fragrance, I don't let it wear me." It also comes recommended by one user on ciao.co.uk, who says: "I recommend it! Even if you don't know who Rihanna is!"
Find Rihanna Reb'l Fleur on Ciao

Beyoncé Pulse (© Image © Ciao)

5. Beyoncé Pulse EDP, from £17.95 for 30ml

While it may be a bit late to try and achieve a booty like Beyoncé for the summer, you can feel the power of this gorgeous superstar by wearing her new perfume Pulse. Adding to her range of perfumes, which include the popular Heat and Heat Rush, Beyoncé told People magazine in 2011 that she loves "the idea of a signature scent that lets a woman leave her mark wherever she goes, so I always try to make my scents appropriate for any occasion." Stand out from the crowd in this floral and oriental fragrance that intermingles the fresh notes of pear blossom and bergamot, with heart notes of delicate peony, midnight blooming jasmine, bluebird orchid, and then finishes with the woody scent of sapphire wood, vanilla and musk. Try Beyoncé's latest fragrance, released in September 2011, to lift your spirits.
Find Beyoncé Pulse on Ciao

Jennifer Aniston EDP (© Image © Ciao)

6. Jennifer Aniston, from £23 for 50ml

From setting a global trend in haircuts to receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Jennifer Aniston has come far from her days portraying the caring and affectionate character of Rachel in Friends. Her debut namesake fragrance combines the fruity top notes of citrus and rose water with heart notes of blooming jasmine, wild violets and Amazon lily and base notes of sensual musk, golden amber and sandalwood to create a fragrance that reflects her natural elegance and simplicity of style. The fragrance was launched in 2010 and the actress described it to the Daily Mail as, "a sexy clean smell that reminds me of the ocean." And her fans are certainly in agreement - one Ciao user said: "Jennifer Aniston: The Debut Fragrance has just been crowned my all time favourite perfume, beating Ralph Lauren: Cool by a smidgen!"
Find Jennifer Aniston's debut fragrance on Ciao

JLo Deseo EDP (© Image © Ciao)

7. JLo Deseo EDP, from £9.99 for 30ml

Presented in what can only be described as a jewel-cut bottle, this floral woody fragrance is inspired by a midnight walk through a rain-kissed tropical garden. A sparkly burst of fresh orange blossom and pink geranium blended with woody notes of patchouli, amber and sandalwood and top notes of bamboo, bergamot and freesia, this scent will will make you think of tropical climes - so greatly needed in the current wet and cold weather. One Ciao user described the fragrance as a, "Tropical cocktail on a palm-fringed beach." You will not unfortunately win a magic ticket for a trip to a tropical island with this fragrance but if you're cash-strapped and itching to get away, the scent of JLo's Deseo will help recreate the feeling of being on a sun-drenched beach every time you wear it.
Find JLo Deseo on Ciao

Justin Bieber Someday (© Image © Ciao)

8. Justin Bieber Someday, from £17.26 for 30ml

It's not just the fans caught up in Bieber fever who loved his debut fragrance launched in September 2011, Someday made $3 million in less than a month of being launched and it's easy to see why. The eye-catching bottle with a heart-shaped stopper would certainly brighten up a fragrance selection and that's not all. The scent is fresh and youthful, blending fruity notes of mandarin, pear and wild berries with floral jasmine, sweet vanilla and musk. One user's review said on ciao.co.uk: "At first I was a bit dubious although I liked the smell of the perfume, I didn't realise it was Justin Bieber. As I think if I had of known I would have automatically assumed it was the teenage market, but I have to eat my words and say i really do like this."
Find Justin Bieber Someday on Ciao

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes (© Image © Ciao)

9. Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes EDP, from £21.15 for 50ml
An actress, activist and beauty icon, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first celebrities who understood what it meant to be a brand. It is said that her line of fragrances, including the bestselling White Diamonds, created more wealth than her film roles put together. Violet Eyes was the last fragrance created before her death and was named to celebrate her unforgettable eyes, renowed for their violet colour. Filled with the scent of a range offlowers loved by Elizabeth Taylor including jasmine and purple rose, this fragrance is sensual and sophisticated just like the lady herself. Perfect for ladies who love the luxuries in life, Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes encapsulates the lavish lifestyle of a true Hollywood star.
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Sarah Jessica Parker NYC (© Image © Ciao)

10. Sarah Jessica Parker NYC, from £24 for 30ml
Sarah Jessica Parker
may have been a bit under the radar of late but there's no denying that her portrayal of Carrie in Sex and the City reflected for many a generation of young, fearless women who knew what they wanted. This fruity and deliciously addictive fragrance blends a cocktail of wild strawberry and gardenia to create a scent worthy of SJP's vibrant and bold side. A fantastic scent for a summer in the city, SJP NYC captures the feeling of freedom, opportunities, playfulness and fabulous style found in the Big Apple. One user on Ciao said the scent is "truly scrumptious!"
Find SJP NYC on Ciao

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