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Why would any sane woman date a footballer?

Our writer, who's interviewed a number of WAGs, reveals the endless compromises being made by them to 'keep' the men they love. Would you ever do that for your man?

Mario Balotelli (© Rex Features)

When it comes to kiss'n'tell stories there is no more lucrative a target than a Premiership footballer. The latest 'victim' is Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli, exposed for a fling behind the back of his model girlfriend Raffaella Fico.

Not that he deserves a shred of sympathy.

Any man who cheats on his partner is asking to be exposed, especially one who does it with the same prostitute who slept with Manchester United star Wayne Rooney.

But for poor Raffaella, it means joining the ranks of all those other WAGs who've been cheated on. She must surely be wondering what we've been thinking for a while now: why on earth would any woman date a footballer?

Yes, it's a glamorous, rich and exciting world in which they live and being hit upon by a Premiership star must give these women the same feeling the rest of us get when the best-looking bloke at a party chats us up.

After all, nothing makes a woman feel more special than being singled out for attention by the man everyone else wants to date.

But whereas we might feel proud others fancy our partner because we trust them not to act upon it, for WAGs it's a nightmare. One girlfriend clearly isn't enough for most footballers and there's always someone eager to take their place.

The idea of entering into a relationship with someone you know will almost certainly cheat on you is inconceivable. But according to an ex-WAG I once interviewed, these women often think it will be different for them and that they'll be the one to tame the player. When it turns out they can't, they console themselves by thinking that at least they're the one he goes home to.

It's hard to imagine any self-respecting woman putting up with such treatment and it's no wonder WAGs are criticised for choosing their lavish lifestyles over keeping their dignity. All the Jimmy Choos in the world can't replace the self-esteem stripped away by their husband or boyfriend's very public cheating.

However, for many WAGs, walking out is not that simple - because it's not just the money making them stay. Many are childhood sweethearts - Coleen Rooney was 12 when she met Wayne - and still love the boy they knew before he was famous... even if the man he's grown up to be leaves a lot to be desired.

Children are also often a factor and any woman who's ever been cheated on by the father of hers will know that splitting up a family is never an easy option.

Sadly, being a WAG means making your bed and lying in it and knowing there's a very good chance your other half will end up in someone else's.

It's a lesson Raffaella's learning. "He always comes back to me," she said when asked about Mario's fling. Yes, but for how many times?

Would you ever be a WAG? Let us know.

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