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The royal baby's horoscope

Think it makes no difference if the royal baby is born today, tomorrow or even later this week? Don't be so sure!

Wills and Kate (© Rex Features)

While the BBC's royal reporter Nicholas Witchell ad-libs furiously outside St Mary's hospital and bootee-knitters across the land sit poised to spring into action, we thought we'd amuse ourselves by swatting up on astrology, numerology and celebrity birthdays...

The royal baby's horoscope

A baby born today or tomorrow will be right on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. If Kate and William's new arrival shows up before midnight, he or she will be Cancer; one second past, and we'll be welcoming a little Leo. But according to astrologers, babies born on a cusp will incorporate the energies of both signs.

So what does all this mean? Well, those on the Cancer/Leo cusp are said to be hugely creative, warm, caring and imaginative. But they're also attention-seekers and may often feel like they're the centre of the universe - a trait that could come in quite handy for this particular baby, we'd imagine. Cancer/Leos are fun-loving, gregarious and enjoy meeting lots of new people. They can be highly emotional and wear their hearts on their sleeves - or to put it another way, they're more 'Diana' than 'Charles'.

Finally, because of their sociable natures, Cancer/Leos much prefer team sports and activities to solitary pastimes. So fire up that polo pony, William: there'll be a new kid on the team before too long!

The significance of the date

According to numerology, babies born on the 22nd are more likely to grow up to be great leaders and visionaries. They put a lot of pressure on themselves, but are more than capable of seeing a big plan through to fruition. Marvellous! After all, who wants a wishy-washy monarch who can't make a firm decision?

But hang on! Those born on the 23rd are more open to change and new challenges - and tend to get along well with everyone they meet. So that bodes well for those of us who don't want an old stick-in-the-mud as a monarch. A couple of caveats, though: people who celebrate birthdays on the 23rd are prone to self-doubt and may shirk their responsibilities.

Cameras outside St Mary's in Paddington (© Rex Features)

The significance of the hour

The time of day a baby is born can also hold huge significance, according to astrologers. Some examples? Those born between 10am and noon do particularly well career-wise; babies born between noon and 2pm tend to be natural teachers; and those who enter the world between 2pm and 4pm have the best chance of coming into a substantial inheritance or winning the lottery. Well, that's according to US-based astrologer Rich Milostan anyway. So the smart money's now on the baby arriving between 2pm and 4pm...

Monday's child is...

If it's born today, we can rest assured that the royal baby will be 'fair of face'. Well, that's according to the well-known 19th-century nursery rhyme, anyway. And, hey, who ever heard of a 19th-century nursery rhyme being wrong? But while Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is - of course - 'full of grace', which is equally as acceptable. Let's hope the baby arrives before Wednesday, though. Otherwise, he or she will run the risk of being 'full of woe'. But all is not lost: some earlier versions of the fortune-telling rhyme suggest it's actually Friday's child who's woeful, due to its connections with the crucifixion.

A baby wearing a crown (© Vintage Cupcake)

And what about the Chinese stars?

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Chinese wisdom has it that a snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family won't starve - so that will doubtless be a huge relief for Wills and Kate if they're ever worrying where their next meal will come from. (Well, you never know...)

Babies born in the Year of the Snake traditionally grow up to be thoughtful, wise and insightful. They're good at solving problems and tend to do well in business - but can be a little mean where money is concerned. So can we expect our future monarch to live more frugally than previous royals?

It's also worth noting that Snakes are very stylish  - although we'd expect nothing less from the child of fashion queen Kate anyway. Oh, and those born in the Year of the Snake are more likely than anyone else to possess a sixth sense. So let's hope none of those royal castles and palaces are haunted - or the poor little mite won't get a moment's rest...

Celebrities who share the same date

Finally, we thought it might be worth investigating which stars could soon be sharing a birthday with the royal newcomer. Those born on 22 July include: former Disney princess Selena Gomez; Hollywood star Danny Glover; actor Rhys Ifans; and musical star Bonnie Langford. What a line-up! Celebrities who'll be celebrating their birthdays on 23 July include: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe; one-time White House intern Monica Lewinsky; comedian Jo Brand; and singer/actor David Essex.

But if - heaven forbid - Kate hangs on until Wednesday before giving birth, her child will have the honour of sharing a birthday with British actor Danny Dyer. Hmmm... perhaps they could have joint parties in years to come. No?

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