14/11/2011 20:30 | By Sarah Hecks, fashion & beauty editor, MSN Life & Style
The world’s most stylish sisters

2. Dakota & Elle Fanning

Dakota & Elle Fanning (© Rex Features)
  • Claire, Virginie, Jenna and Prisca Courtin-Clarins (© Rex Features)
  • Dakota & Elle Fanning (© Rex Features)
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (© Rex Features)
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The lookalike sisters have been taking the acting world by storm since a very young age. They are now doing the same in the fashion world.

12/11/2011 08:47
 I think with the right amount of money and surrounding myself with the right people I would also be very stylish........Not that i;m not already....lol   what a waste of time this article is
11/11/2011 15:39

Oh come on MSN how can you not know the difference between step sisters and half sisters (Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon). If they have the same mother and different fathers then they're half sisters!

11/11/2011 21:04

Don't know the answer to the question anyway----don't really care either.

It must be nail bitingly important to somebody though.

11/11/2011 18:58

Their going to look the most stylish, wearing the most expensive clothing...the can afford it. Coming from either rich backgrounds or making it on the the big screen.


At the same time though these celebrities are looked at and criticized for how they are dressed.

12/11/2011 06:58
lol, the whole (rather unimportant) article seemed quite reasonable especially with the inclusion of the daughters of berkin/gainsbourg, the middleton's and aldridge's etc. but was let down with the olsen twins being at number one. there is a sense of predictability though, of course i knew that would be the result before i read the article but seriously people, trailer park chic is not actually chic these two grate me as they always remind me of how void of class our society has become, and it is clear that the tactless americans have become far too much of an influence
12/11/2011 01:35

Dakota and elle fanning are both very stylish beautiful.Both brilliant young actresses too.

13/11/2011 16:33
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