Updated: 26/10/2011 09:58
How to get an A-list body – Pixie Lott's legs

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott (© Getty Images)
  • Pixie Lott (© Getty Images)
  • Lunges (© Claire Zahra)
  • Squats (© Claire Zahra)
  • Standing leg curls (© Claire Zahra)
  • Calf raises (© Claire Zahra)
  • Hip abduction (© Claire Zahra)
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Blonde beauty Pixie Lott knows she has a perfect pair of pins and isn't afraid to show them off in miniskirts and short shorts.

We show you which exercises you can do to get lovely legs like Pixie...

26/10/2011 15:32

Jilly Stacey is correct about the effort personal trainers put into star's looks but even so you can only work with what you've got. I used to be a Shotokan Karate instructor and trained both men and women to cope with a high impact extreme energy release sport, as a result most of them became as fit as their bodies would allow but some of the women were disappointed that they did not necessarily became tall and willowy creatures.

What seemed to escape them and a lot of women (and men for that matter) is the fact that fitness and exercise won't change your DNA. I think another point is that happiness and a good character is more important than the temporary achievements of fitness. Once men (at least the ones that I know) have grown out of the silly teenage years (they may reach 40 before this happens), they are much more impressed with a beautiful smile that comes from a good heart.

26/10/2011 15:04

I think this is very very misleading. First of all Pixie is very tall with georgeous legs. It is genetic. She looks fab but not everybody is going to look like Pixie no matter how much exercise and toning you do - it's a fact of life!

I'm not saying you shouldn't do loads of exercise to keep in shape, but be realistic! 


26/10/2011 15:19
do you think being only 20 might have something to o with her looks
26/10/2011 14:17

think we have some jelousy going on here lol!


Her legs and body are amazing! I love it cause shes not a fake girl and actually looks like a normal person. Think about what you write before you make fools of yourself.

i think she luks fab gr8 figure but shes young and has mney to have personal trainers xx

 @ Amber

No jealousy on my part

Just dont think these msn reports on how to look as good as a singer or celeb really cuts the mustard!

Without there personal trainers,and a strive to look as thin as a rivita,they wouldnt be where they are today!

26/10/2011 17:02
I don't think anyone should be nasty about the girl,  She is young yes and she is beautiful, just look at that smile.  And it wasn't her that put the photo or the comment about her 'Pins' on here.  She may well be as insecure as the rest of us,  so give the girl and everyone else a break and try and see the nice things about them.  At the end of the day she looks happy,  maybe some people who post on here should take a leaf out of her book .  Good on ya girl, If you've got it flaunt it, I would !!
her left leg is in front of her right and knee caps will naturally move up and down with said motion.
26/10/2011 16:53

Yes she looks great, but I think its wats inside a person tht matters.  .  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

06/11/2011 10:43
What aloud of bull mate. You lot are like green eyes monsters! Need to check yourself in the mirror. She puts in the work so diserves to look great so deserves to show off what she works for. Simple if you want to look slimmer eat less and move more! This fat gene is a bunch of crap, don't you think it's funny somalia and countries with less greed don't have the fat gene? Get off your laptop and run!
26/10/2011 16:40

        Roger McVeigh

Could not be said better!

26/10/2011 16:47
i rekon there fat bit like rugby players
26/10/2011 17:44
Children develop eating disorders because of articles like this and women like her. You should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves!
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