29/09/2011 16:49 | By Sarah Hecks, fashion & beauty editor, MSN Life & Style
10 least wanted celebrity jewellery looks

10. Prince Charles’s gold signet ring

Prince Charles’s gold signet ring (© Rex Features)
  • A pile of jewellery
  • Prince Charles’s gold signet ring (© Rex Features)
  • Jennifer Lopez (© Rex Features)
  • David Beckham (© Rex Features)
  • Lindsey Lohan (© Rex Features)
  • Zara Phillips (© Rex Features)
  • Sid Vicious (© Rex Features)
  • 4. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton (© Rex Features)
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The signet ring, a traditional signifier of old wealth and breeding, worn on the pinky and engraved with the family crest - which explains precisely why Prince Charles wears one. Even though it has royal approval, it still doesn't cut it among the fashion mavens.

29/09/2011 19:32
i think people who put these kinds of articles up forget celebrities are still human, ware what the **** you want who cares what people think.
29/09/2011 19:15
Why are these msn articles almost always complete rubbish?
29/09/2011 18:02
Pierced tongue! What's the problem? Great forBJ's
29/09/2011 20:34
What ever happered to each to thier would you like itspalshed all over the net what you like to wear or not to wear ?
28/09/2011 23:49

Fashion, What's that Mr Money bags say's.     Come on Mr out of touch, money bags, move over and let your boy and his down to earth wife take over from your take, take mother and father.  

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