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Your top new year's resolutions for 2013

The results are in!

Your top new years resolutions for 2013 (© Garo-Phanie-Rex Features)

Over the last week we asked you to tell us what your top new year's resolutions are.  Well, 26,300 of you voted and the results are in!  Scroll down to see your top choices. 

Of the 26,300 respondents, a whopping 32% of you (8,300) said exercising more was your biggest resolution for 2013:

After most of us overindulged over the festive season, this result is not entirely surprising. But make sure you don't kill off your newfound fitness drive by exercising too much to start off with, instead build up your workouts slowly. Why not take a look at our 10 new workouts for 2013 for some inspiration?  Or, if you feel like cheating, take a look at our 20 ways to hide Christmas weight gain gallery. Those who find a little celebrity inspiration helpful should check out our must-have health and fitness apps, books and DVDs and for something different take a look at our new ways to get fit in 2013 feature.

20% of you (5,400) planned to go on a diet:

Second on our list is diet, with 20% of you stating that you'd like to lose weight in the new year.  You might have put on a few pounds but don't go crazy with the fad diets - healthy eating is the best way.  You could also try the lazy option with our post-Christmas body-sculpting cheats for 2013. Or read about one of our poor writers suffering her way through a 600 calorie a day diet in diary of a dieter: Pronokal on trial.

For those who have decided a change of career, location or office is in order for the new year, check out our careers website, packed with thousands of jobs.

New years resolutions (© Chris Robbins- Mood Board-Rex Features)

9% (2,400) confessed you'd like to drink less in 2013

After Christmas and New Year's Eve, a lot of people are likely to be moderating their drinking this month.  Read our feature on the dangers of binge-drinking to inspire you to do just that.

The new year could be lucky in love for some as 8% (2,200) of you revealed you are hoping to find a new partner:

Read our new year love resolutions for top tips on finding a new partner alongside the dos and don'ts of online dating for some great internet dating advice.

New years resolutions (© OJO Images-Rex Features)

7% (1,800) would like to move home

Nearly 2000 of you want a change of location and are hoping to move home this year. Check out our Money section for the latest advice on mortgages.

And another 7% (1,800) would like to give up smoking

Make sure 2013 is the year you actually do it by reading our guide on how to quit smoking for good and how to kick bad habits in 2013.

Finally, the new year could be unlucky in love for some as 4% (1,100) of you revealed you are hoping to find a new partner:

If you've suddenly realised you're not with the one, it could be time to set them free and move on.  Read our New Year break-up survival guide for advice.

If you need some resolution inspiration, why not check out our New Year, New You page which is packed full of ideas. 

What are your new year's resolutions and are you still sticking to them?  Tell us in the comment box below.

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