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Winter skin conditions dos and don’ts

Winter skin problems solved.

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Whether you only suffer with sore, dry and itchy skin in winter or have an on-going condition which flares up in the colder months, there are things that can help. 

Consultant dermatologist Dr. Sasi Kiran Attili, founder of question and answer site onlineskinspecialist.com, explains the triggers for common cold weather skin conditions and reveals what you can do (and should avoid doing) to help.

Chapped lips: Cold weather triggers

Chapped lips are one of the most common problems in dry/cold weather conditions and left untreated can break down, become sore (eczematised) and even infected, warns Dr Attili.

While cold weather is often the cause, dehydration and certain medications can also make matters worse.

“Chapped lips can be more problematic if you are on some medications, such as cholesterol lowering pills like Simvastatin or Roaccutane, a tablet used for acne."


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