05/09/2011 14:04
Top 10 detox foods


Garlic (© Getty Images)
  • Nuts and seeds (© Getty Images)
  • Brown rice (© Getty Images)
  • Garlic (© Getty Images)
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'Stinking rose' it may be, but don't dare to knock its detoxifying qualities. Garlic has been prized for its medicinal qualities (eat a raw clove when you feel a cold coming on and you'll clear right up), and it is rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other conditions. It's also thought to be a potent antibacterial, mainly due to a compound called allicin, which hunts down and clears harmful bacteria from your system, leaving you feeling in tip-top shape.

15/12/2011 20:05
For once, msn has come up with something that is not tosh!  I agree 100%.  I love all those fruits and when you can get them fresh off the trees in Spain, it is heaven.  Even lemons taste sweet.  My favourites are ripe fresh figs and passion fruit, though.  Especially, if you scoop out the seeds from pf and put in a bowl of home made hoummus.  Bliss!
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