02/02/2012 12:39
Superfoods to try in 2012

Adzuki beans

Adzuki Beans (© Getty Images)
  • Adzuki Beans (© Getty Images)
  • Goldenberries (© Getty Images)
  • Black garlic (© Getty Images)
  • Fenugreek (© Getty Images)
  • Chia seeds (© Getty Images)
  • African mango (© Getty Images)
  • Cupuaçu (© Getty Images)
  • Kukicha twig tea (© Getty Images)
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From omega-3-rich seeds to cancer-fighting spices, we take a look at the less well-known superfoods you should introduce to your shopping basket.

First up is the adzuki bean which is a red bean that has one of the highest antioxidant ratings among superfoods and is a good source of carbohydrates, vegetable protein and soluble fiber that can help blood cholesterol levels. It also has high levels of potassium which can help lower high blood pressure and zinc, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and protects joints from inflammation.

02/02/2012 15:33
All this is great but on three of the items above you dont say what they are called???  you explain what they look like but what are they called???  The reality is a balanced diet that includes all these and many other things will help with health but they are not a preventive or a cure they can just help improve your chances.  People need vto becareful of spending loads of moeny on these items thinking it will cure or stop cancer or other serious ailments - it won't and can't all it can do is improve your health.  Exercise, healthy eating, stress relieving activities (i.e Meditation) can help a lot but it isn't a magic bullet.  80% of the time stay on a very healthy diet and 20% relax and have a little fun it wont do any harm at all.
02/02/2012 19:59
J smith 
i think you need glasses mate 
because you can very much see clearly the names of each item you see on this page 
if u look above each picture on the right hand side you,l see the name of each product
so hope ur eyes mate
03/02/2012 14:06
Still nothing to beat fish and chips .
02/02/2012 17:27
Whilst I do agree with some of what J Smith says I do think that he/she should have read the article properly before making a statement, as every item I looked at was very well named and described
03/02/2012 15:09
Maria et al. The point here is the general meaning was clear - healthy diet. Perhaps I didnt go inot enough detail for you all - Yes they are named but not all in the body text. Good information means it is easy to see and find details and names not have to search. If 90% are named in the main body of text then all should follow suite that is GOOD clear simple communication. As to glasses I have 20/20 vision perhaps you should stop trying to be clever and just read it for what it was - that is about a healthy diet and not spending lots of money thinking there is a magic bullet here. Also they need to get their facts right Mangoes are not just indigenous to West Africa they also grow in East & Central Africa where I have eaten many of them. Later on someone will debunk these so called super foods just like they always do. Just eat them and enjoy them for their wonderful taste and variety and if they help your health then that is just a bonus don't set of to use them as a cure all that is just plain dumb. 
02/02/2012 19:19

This is all very well, but I rarely find most of these on a supermarket shelf here in the North West of England.


Please, therefore, when writing such articles, tell me where these things can be found?  Would they be found in health food shops, the local corner shop or the hypermarket? 

02/02/2012 17:11
these all are good but they need to let people know there is a big difference in quality depending on where they are grown, for example Hawaiian Spirulina is the best quality as it has the best growing conditions and the chinese spirulina is low grade and has very little health benefits in comparison.

02/02/2012 18:17
hemp seeds are also full of fatty acids, like Omega 3. Very good for you especially if you're pregnant.

03/02/2012 14:12
I suppose people will think I am being frivolous . Well I am !! . People are so picky on this site with spelling errors etc . I thought I would add something you all can complain about .
03/02/2012 13:00

Herb is called 'Fenugreek',

took a while to find it is hiding between the Title and the picture at the top.

03/02/2012 00:22
Whats the herb called??????????????DUH!!!!!!!!!
16/02/2012 16:58
Good Old MSN.  I wrote a comment about talking advice from a deputy editor on nutrition, MSN have deleted it.  If you want health advice then I would google it, or read Ben Goldacre who has something to say about antioxidants.  I wonder if they'll delete this....
03/02/2012 12:43
@ John Brassey you will be surprised most health food shops sell them, i would stay clear of holland & barrettes they only sell inferior or low grade health products
03/02/2012 10:07

John Brassey.


These kind of things are really quite expensive (because they are imported from far away) so you would find them at shops like Waitrose (more than likely) and theres always holland and barretts for the other stuff  (the spirulina etc )

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