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Marijuana mums

The mums who say taking marijuana is making them better parents.

Cheryl Shuman and her husband (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman and her husband (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman and her husband (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman and her friends at her lavish lunches (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman and her friends at her lavish lunches (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman and her friends at her lavish lunches (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman (© Barcroft Media)
  • Cheryl Shuman and her marijuana plants (© Barcroft Media)
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 A group of weed-smoking mums who meet for lavish cannabis-infused lunches say taking marijuana is making them better parents. 

The get-togethers are part of a new craze for medicinal marijuana parties - which are legal in California, USA.

Mum-of-two Cheryl Shuman, 53, hosts posh dinners each month in Beverly Hills where friends can try new strains of the drug after a meals containing pot leaves and cannabis oil. 

And the women, who use the drug to ease conditions such as arthritis, believe marijuana use should be legalised everywhere.  

January Thomas, 37, smokes marijuana up to five times per day while looking after her 2-year-old daughter, Zeena. 

The part-time bartender even takes Zeena to 'hemp rallies' with fiancé Magic Ellington - who goes by the name Henry Hemp. 

January, who smokes marijuana to cope with early onset arthritis, said: "Marijuana makes me a better and more creative parent. 

"It puts me in the moment with Zeena and stops me worrying about everyday problems. 

"I want her to understand the benefits of cannabis so I read her books like Mommy's Funny Medicine and It's Just a Plant, to teach her."

January, who uses a bong to take the drug, swaps cannabis recipes with the other women in the group. 

January Thomas (© Barcroft Media)

Entrepreneur Cheryl started the meet-ups after overcoming ovarian cancer in 2011, which she partly attributes to taking marijuana oils to ease her symptoms. 

Enlisting the help of top Beverly Hills chef David Schanhals, Cheryl got together a group of friends who were all medicating with the plant.

She said: "Seeing how medicinal marijuana helped me when I thought I was going to die made me realise how much good it can do.

"All the women in the group suffer with chronic aches and pains and taking cannabis in a group setting makes it seem more socially acceptable. 

"We've all come up against people who say marijuana is for dirty druggies, but we are proof you can be good parents and productive members of society and use it. 

"I like to think we are bringing some glamour and exclusivity to marijuana use.  

"In the Sixties there were 'mother's little helper' pills which gave stressed-out women a bit of extra pep. 

"Taking marijuana is just the same, it helps us get through the day."

Marijuana mums in LA (© Barcroft Media)

Cheryl's lavish dinners include cannabis leaf salad, chicken fried in cannabis oil and marijuana milk shakes. 

And after dinner the women can sample a range of cannabis strains to see which works best for them. 

Simmi Dhillon, 40, credits marijuana with saving her marriage after being close to divorcing her police officer husband of 14 years, Eric. 

The mum-of-one sustained serious injuries in a car accident in 2003 which left her in chronic pain which she used prescription painkillers to cope with. 

She said: "When I found medical marijuana my life turned around. I was 37 and I tried a joint my friend was smoking - for the first time in years I felt human.   

"I was able to be the wife I wanted to be once again and it saved our marriage. 

"Now I can talk to my 10-year-old son about drugs and be completely honest about it. 

"Before I was like a zombie on prescription medication - now he's got his mum back."

Now in remission from cancer, Cheryl hopes to turn legalised cannabis into big business - with plans to open a marijuana-themed private dining club. 

She said: "It's only a matter of time before people see the benefits of this incredible plant.

"I predict marijuana will soon be legalised for recreational use and I want to create a luxurious place where people can enjoy it." 


yeah bout time it was legalised everywhere I had serious bike smash in 2008 in which I received some very serious injuries i.e. a stroke loss of arm  a serious brachial plexus injury and severe nerve damage all over and have been smoking weed ever since for the pain and to help me relax and sleep at night as I still take prescription morphine but id love to stop taking it and just stick to the weed but im made out to b a criminal if I do this,if I were to get caught with a bit weed id b charged with a crime just for trying to alleviate my chronic pain I suffer all day every day as its a crime in Scotland to smoke weed no matter what the reason....



18/06/2013 16:29

Message to Scott.......And all you cannabis doubters. PLEASE READ THIS.

I'm totally with you my man. I haven't lost any limbs but like you I suffer with round the clock pain. Do I mean pain? No I should be saying agony!

I suffer from "Adhesive Arachnoiditis" Look it up folks! It is a debilitating disease very generously given to me by the surgeon who operated on my back to fix another problem, which he actually managed to achieve.

My life consists of me lying on my bed for 22hrs per day. Sitting for an hour is excruciating, standing still is a huge no no. Walking for more than a few minutes is insanity. I cannot sit down and have a meal with my family, the only exercise I get is walking around the supermarket leaning my weight on the trolley provided for shopping. Yes I could use an electric scooter but after 20 mins sitting I would be crawling out.

Now like Scott I am provided with "Morphine" and on top of that something even stronger "Fentanyl".

Also "Gabapentin" plus the obviously required anti-depressant "Venlafaxine". Then on top of that my daily dose of Chemotherapy for a terminal blood disease which I contracted 9 years ago and for all I know may have been caused by all this class A medication I have been taking for 18 yrs.

If I could afford it and if I could smoke it, (My inactivity has rendered my lungs useless) I would swap all my pain meds for cannabis. I would feel SO much better, I wouldn't be lounging around like a complete drug addict, which is what I have become. I would sleep better and I would be more chatty I would be more human. Yet you Beckii and you Mr Cold would deprive me of this more pleasant drug because you think it is wrong. Well let me tell you folks, what I am taking NOW is WRONG but as long as there are people like you out there things will never change. So thankyou for being so righteous whilst you knock back your alcoholic drinks and think ONLY of yourselves.

             A most indignant.  

                             John Skelly.

18/06/2013 14:55
I agree with these Californian ladies. The sacred herb should be legal everywhere. Why should we be taking morality lessons off mass murderers and peedos? I would like to claim asylum in the USA due to the persecution of the heterosexual in the UK.
18/06/2013 16:58
good on them. less harmful than alcohol and that's legal. RIDICULOUS

I want to move to the usa just to self medicate so im not classed as a criminal in the uk

18/06/2013 15:00

Well, I have known lots of people who smoke cannabis. And none of them used it for medicinal use, so I can't say what effect it has. I can say that these people probably haven't been smoking it long enough to discover the long term effects, yet.


After a few years, the heavy smokers I've known start to get serious short term memory loss. Like, can't remember why they've just stood up or gone into the kitchen memory loss. And that's all the time. Then there's the complete obliteration of any long term drive. There is a phrase amongst cannabis smokers - "every stoner knows the meaning of the words, 'I'll do it tomorrow."


After that comes another phase. The paranoia returns, and is stronger than ever and is even there when they are not stoned. They become paranoid to the point of anxiety disorders. And there's the loss of the logical abilities, as well as the seclusion that comes from the side effects of paranoia.


And I'm not even going into the fact that it's worse for lung cancer and other chronic breathing illnesses than tobacco, or the debateable link between marijuana and psychotic mental health (some believe it brings out latent psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. Others dispute this.)


I won't be encouraging my children to take drugs, but then I believe I will also be honest.

hi there boss playa I agree with you 100% but if it was legalized would anyone be able to afford it when the government got there filthy paws on it ie tax
18/06/2013 18:29

Everyone's body works differently. What works for one person may not work for another.


If it REALLY does work for them and helps, then good for them, as hell, it is a lot less stress on the liver to process than most prescribed drugs given out by doctors.

18/06/2013 17:58

I was a smoker in years gone by and have had some great times with mates getting stoned. I think all drugs in moderation, maybe not heroine or crack. I think I would rather my kids when older got a bit stoned than pissed up fighting or not remembering having sex.


Not sure best thing for Mums is getting stoned all day, most of them are so fat now the last thing they need is the muchies regally.





Excellent article - thank you ladies .....and gents.  ****
18/06/2013 18:41

What an insult to regular stoners....I guess these yanks will claim to have invented it next.


Funny how we live in a world run by the word of god, live in fear of god, and thank GOD for everything we have.....but its illegal to grow, smoke or have anything to do with cannabis, which was obviously put here for a good reason....by GOD.


I hate politicians.....leave us the *uck alone to smoke in peace you c*nts.


It is so obvious that its all about MONEY, legalise it now and free the weed, you know you will never stop it so GET WITH THE PROGRAM!  

18/06/2013 21:25
I notice that you, Mr Cold, know all about the effects of taking marijuana yet do not take it yourself.
Why are the people you talk of who are suffering so from this plant not writing for themselves?
I think we all know the answer.
There are those people who have been brainwashed into believing anything they are told by those they see as the authorities never for a minute thinking to research or try something for themselves or speak to the people who such as these mums will give a very different perspective.
Perhaps you would of been all for the pro Hemp production propaganda spread by the US during the second world war just as you are now for the ban on it by the same US government?

When I can be prosecuted because a naturally occurring weed is growing in my back garden then something is wrong.
But do you know why that is?
Not because I am in danger of losing my soul to it but because the government can not securely control and tax it and the drug companies don't profit from it.
It's that simple.

I am quite happy that you wouldn't want your kids on drugs or that you wouldn't touch them yourself but I think the "truth" you want to teach your kids is actually simply your opinion which does not seem to be that informed or come from personal experience.

Personally I think the mystique and illicitness that excites kids needs to be taken away from drugs so that they are not seen as cool but there is little chance of that happening as long as the same authoritarians who criminalise cannabis use also allow the glamorisation of drugs and violence in TV, film and video games.

Then we have to look at what would actually happen if it was legalised.
The asinine arguments that kids who now do not take drugs would suddenly smoke a joint and die one year later of a heroine overdose don't need to be rebuffed, they are the same tired ignorant voices that no free thinking individual listens to any more.
But the likely positive effects should be discussed because I don't believe people actually consider them.
For example it would get  rid of the drug dealers who deal cannabis to kids because there would no profit in it for them anymore.
Despite the fact many people would it would still generate revenue through other industries such as medical marijuana stores such as they have in the states. Farmers could grow hemp again and the industries that use this incredibly versatile crop could start up.
Our prisons would be full of soft drug users learning how to become hardened criminals.
And our Government might actually stop flying the opium in from Afghanistan and having our soldiers guard the poppy fields while the banks launder the drug money - yes you better believe it.
The real corruption is at the top and the very idea people can stand to have these insider dealing, special interest serving, disingenuous, duplicitous, smarmy folk moralising to them is a mystery to me.

Most kids will soon bore of smoking pot and getting high and get on with their lives, those very few that go onto harder drugs already have serious issues. So, if you don't want your kid to be a smack head preaching about drug use is irrelevant - just love them and give them the support they need and they'y figure the rest out for themselves.  

18/06/2013 19:57
I am a Medicinal smoker of Cannabis, I had Ulcerative Colitis which was diagnosed in September 1998. I underwent surgery to have the diseased colon removed but was unfortunate to develop Septacemia & from then my health & illness got worse. I have had several bowel resections since the initial surgery & now I suffer from Short gut syndrome. Smoking Cannabis gives me an appetite, it eliviates  the spasams I get in my stomach once I have eaten & it also helps to slow down my transit time so I increase the chance of absorption & so can draw on the minimal amounts of nutrients within the food I consume. I am at present campaigning for the Government of Jersey Channel Islands to legalize Cannabis for medicinal purposes & hope that as many kindred souls will support the cause. God created Marijuana Man created Alcohol I know whom I Trust in. If you believe cannabis should be legalized then please google Evelyn Volante & follow the link, like the page & add your name to the online petition. Where you live is not an issue if you are a user of the Herbal / therapeutic healing plant your opinion counts because all over the globe we have the same HUMAN RIGHTS & have to stand up to the bullies that are so called Politicians.
18/06/2013 22:02
Have never tried it myself, though I do believe, that some people, find it does help them with long term chronic pain.
18/06/2013 22:07
No matter what you are smoking, it is not right for you and the ones around you. I have seen families where non of the parents smokes and the children does not feel the need to fit in smoking.
07/10/2013 15:36

@ oldandgrey187 - you should not be allowed to comment on anything but for you to try and get on your high horse is just a joke! Certainly after this...


Posted by ". carter (stewart littler)" a few days ago 





which was then backed up for the vile little creature that is "oldandgrey187" who then replied with:-


Well said "Carter" . I could not agree with you any more. I can remember when the

crying, snivelling paedofiles were hung at 9a.m. One thing for sure they never
did it again.
But the "Do gooders" will always win, because the crap state the U.K. is now in
started "At the Top" and worked it's way down.
Try and defend your rights these days and you are in the wrong, don't worry
though you are not alone.
And yes, oldandgrey187 might not be able to spell very well but the message was clear. All gay guys are snivelling **** who should be hung! Disgusting attitude in this day and age. I'm sure oldandgrey187 would have been a great fan of the holocaust!  
18/06/2013 16:23




18/06/2013 22:16

well all i can say is if it was made legal in the uk then maybe the uk would be a bit more laid back and there would be less drama!! personally i do not take the stuff and would never feel the need to..that aside though it should be made legal for people in situations such as scott and john... if it helps and it is not doing any harm i do not see why not.

07/10/2013 14:26
When they invent the equivalent of an "Alcohol breath test" for the takers of any form of non-
medical drugs that get caught driving, I might then, listen to any "legalisation" discussions-
'til then NO!

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