30/05/2012 11:35

How to get a body like the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge has recently been snapped looking toned, healthy and, as always, classically beautiful. So how does she do it?

Duchess of Cambridge (© PA)

Who wouldn't want the former Miss Kate Middleton's life? The commoner who became a duchess has a husband who is second in line to the throne, a ball-gown for every day of the week and a jet-set lifestyle that takes her to some of the most glamorous locations on Earth. Oh yes, and she'll be our queen one day.

She also has an enviable figure, and even though she does occasionally look as if she needs a hamburger or two, no one can deny that Her Royal Hotness has arms and pins we would all die (or more likely, kill) for. Like any woman who is in good shape, the duchess has to work hard to stay looking good, but what exactly do you need to do to get a body like Kate's? Read on to find out.

Super-skinny or sublimely svelte?
Kate has often been criticised for being too skinny (particularly in the period surrounding her wedding, for which she appeared to have dropped quite a few pounds but personal trainer Gavin Walsh thinks the duchess is athletic and toned rather than scrawny and under-nourished.

"Kate is very slim and athletic," he says. "You can see she looks after her body and obviously exercises regularly whilst keeping an eye on what she eats. Although, at 5' 11" and around eight-and-a-half stone, some people say that she is a little on the 'skinny' side, I'd be wary of using this word to describe her, as I don't think she is. I see her as toned, svelte and in all-round great shape. Put it this way - she is not the size zero of some of the celebrities we see pictures of."

So just what does Kate do to stay looking so good? The key Walsh says, is to keep busy. "Kate is a very active person and participates in all sorts of different activities," he says. "She does a lot of running, cycling and yoga. However, she also works out most days for an hour or so to ensure she keeps her body in tip-top shape. However, with her royal schedule and the resources available to her, it's likely that she eats a very sensible, healthy diet combined with exercise rather than just relying on working up a sweat to stay in shape."

And now that the big wedding is out of the way and she doesn't have to worry about slipping into that divine Kate Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress, Kate's focus has shifted from losing a few pounds for her big day to maintaining her weight and staying healthy. Walsh says: "To do this, Kate makes sure she takes part in a variety of activities, which is a great way to keep your exercise programme interesting, and of course this way it doesn't feel like a chore."

Duchess of Cambridge playing hockey (© PA)

Get fit like the duchess
Training to get a body like Kate will, of course, require hard work and, as far as your diet is concerned, a huge amount of willpower. Walsh explains: "It will depend a lot on where you are starting from but you need to adopt a two-pronged approach focusing on great nutrition and regular exercise. Kate is lucky to have a varied lifestyle with access to a range of sporting activities at some of the best venues in the world. She skis, rides, plays tennis - all of which will keep you in shape if done regularly. However, for those of you without a title, focus on intense workouts which include cardio and resistance training.

"If you eat healthily, with a diet that is low in starchy carbs, bad fats, processed foods and alcohol, then a decent and intense training session twice a week, where you really go for it, should be enough, providing you are in good shape already. If you're not, then you will need to exercise more often to lose some weight first."

Kate is also famous for her taut pins, arms and stomach. To get this look, resistance training is key, says Walsh. "Resistance training is what you will need to do, whether it is body weight exercises like squats, lunges and press-ups, or using weights in the gym. For the arms, plenty of press-ups, tricep dips and bicep curls will help tone your underlying muscles. For the legs, get squatting, lunging, one-legged squatting, leg curling and doing leg presses. Finally, for the tummy, it's essential to start doing plank, pilates, yoga or get hold of a bosu and do high numbers of small crunches."

There is also a lot you can learn from Kate's royal diet, which helps promote a healthy balance of muscle and fat. Walsh says: "The duchess apparently favours a low-GI diet which is based around plenty of lean meats, fish and vegetables. Most people are too busy to make eating little and often a realistic option so provided your diet is healthy and balanced then it won't matter too much. As long as you're having three square meals and snacking healthily, you will be on the right track to looking like you belong in the royal entourage, even if you won't actually get to marry a prince one day."

Follow the weekly schedule below by Gavin Walsh to get a body fit for a queen:

  • Monday - Gym, full-body workout (ask a trainer to guide you through one)
  • Tuesday - Running: interval training will get you the best results, so do 30 second sprints followed by two minutes of recovery jogging, repeating for 30 minutes
  • Wednesday - Yoga, to stretch and tone those tired muscles
  • Thursday - Gym, full-body workout
  • Friday - Rowing, high intensity
  • Saturday - Rest
  • Sunday - Anyone for tennis?
05/06/2012 14:42
"Although, at 5' 11" and around eight-and-a-half stone, some people say that she is a little on the 'skinny' side, I'd be wary of using this word to describe her, as I don't think she is. I see her as toned, svelte and in all-round great shape"

So if Kate is 5'11" and 8.5 stone, this gives her a BMI of 16.62, well below the minimum "healthy weight" BMI of 18.5. So, medically, she is considerably underweight, yet is being described here as "in great shape"?
02/06/2012 10:59

At eight and a half stone she is a good stone under weight (based on a BMI for someone of 5'11'')!! 


She's an attractive woman who clearly works out, but lets not pin her up as someone for people to try to emulate.  For most people being that size will be unhealthy.


Although I agree she has never been big, she did use to be larger, not in a bad way, probably actually just within a healthy weight range for her height.

30/05/2012 14:41
If she's anything like me, she does nothing at all. You can't 'get a body like someone'. Everyone's bodies are different. To get a body like Kate, you'd have to change your bone structure, chemical consitution, etc. It's just not possible. I don't know why people think it is.
02/06/2012 20:51
Get a body like the Duchess of Cambridge's? Could be difficult, I'm a bloke.
06/06/2012 07:54

And for those of us who have a full time job, run a home and family etc? 

It would be lovely to have the time, energy and money  to do the exercise programme suggested.

02/06/2012 21:21

she a newly wed, for goodness sake,  i lost weight, in my first year of marriage, like so many before me and so many to come,  its only natural, give her a break,......... what's this, diana all over again. come on ppl,

look in your own mirrors then pass judgement on yourself.... glass house and all that :o(

31/05/2012 21:57
I know how to get a body like the Duchess of Cambridge .... Marry a Prince then you can spend your days working hard witha personal trainer, shopper and personal chef then you can achieve a fit toned body to die for. unfortunately I spend my days working hard to pay the gas and electric bill and am too knackered in the evenings to do anything except flob and go to bed early - so I can spend the next day working hard to pay the gas bill, mortgage........
30/05/2012 22:45
 To get a body like hers you'd have to have a personal trainer, personal chef and NO JOB ! As the article says; she skis, rides, plays tennis,etc,etc. If I didn't have to worry about money, I could do all these things to keep me looking anorexic too. 
What a stupid suggestion, how to get a body like the Duchess of CAMBRIDGE Your assuming her body is better than everybody elses
30/05/2012 14:03
So you have to be unemployed to get a body like that then. Shame we wouldn't receive royalties for being royalties if we were not working in order to achieve this!
02/06/2012 20:50
When it was hot i was scared to wear anything but my jeans and vest because of judgemental people, like you on here commenting thinking its impossible for anyone to be slim unless they are making themself sick, druggies or got loads of money to spend on the gym. I'm over 30, 3 kids and a size 6 at 5'10 - i can't help it all my life i've been like this - i eat normally prob more but i'm very active, i don't sit on my bum watching all the soaps in the evening either. I have a waist, bust, hips and a bottom and when i saw all you fat people parading all your fat wobbly bits i thought why the hell should i cover up, people even say to me 'your skinny' 'your tall' i don't come up to you saying 'your fat' ect. Sorry to tell all you who don't believe or are too jealous - its not our faults we are slim we just are made that way just like maybe its not your fault your fat. more often than not people of my height are athletic shaped just like if your short your more likely to be chubby, i saw someone who was skinny i.e no boobs, bum, waist, back bones showin,g thats unnatural that is caused by 1 of the 3 above i mentioned, such people like me have curves and no back bones showing thats the diff between naturally slim and thin/skinny.
05/06/2012 14:02
I think all this stuff about Kates weight, is down to the fact that it is all due to jealousy. Whatever Princess Diana did was wrong and it is seemingly the same with Kate, when will folk leave them alone and stop giving these young people a hard time. Kate, like Diana, can do so much to help our country in generating business for clothes companies as more and more people want to buy clothes they see Kate wearing. If the shoe had been on the other foot, all those of you who are moaning would be happy to be talked about and why not, Kate is beautiful.
05/06/2012 13:32
It would be too easy to say that, given such privelege, Catherine has the time to keep fit and slim.  But she is under enormous pressure to look and act 'the part', and with so much public scrutiny, eating could so easily become a problem.   Despite the pressure she seems balanced and able to 'fit' so naturally.  If there's a blip where it all becomes too much I hope the media give her some space and don't tear her apart.  Well done Catherine and her family for being an asset to all of us, not just the Royal family; she has restored their dignity whilst maintaining an up-to-date image and a strong sense of togetherness with William. 
31/05/2012 18:44
why can't msn accept that real women & girls don't wanna be like the "dutchess of cambridge" and just wanna be themselves. I for one would hate to look anorexic and have boring sense of style and not do anything other than recieve benefits from the state-I just like being and looking like myself, in a healthy shape and with my own individual style and taste and I'm studying to try and do somethig with my life. I hope most other women and girls think like this too!!!!
05/06/2012 23:42
Shes tall.slim,young,athletic and has William for a husband/.Its not rocket science..Nature has been very kind to her and the rest she corrects herself..lucky girl!
07/06/2012 19:47
Kate IS underweight and is not sexy..shame because she has a beautiful face!. Bring on the Kim Kardashian curves people.... 
07/06/2012 17:12

As the queen  once remarked Kate does not seem to have much interest in eating, so there it is all this rubbish about the royal diet .

Her life is very  privileged and full on now in the public eye constantly.  So has not the slightest comparison to ordinary life, she should not be seen as a role model  as she is rather too thin. (her choice)

 but people come in all sorts of sizes to keep plugging very thin as being  the best way to look is very wrong.

03/06/2012 02:03
Who wasnts a body like that,shes far to skinny and prob boney,and her legs are like match sticks,she needs a good meal in her.Prob 1st heavier and she would be spot on.
06/06/2012 18:56

Dont forget that she was quite plump just before she went to university and met William.  To me she is a little too thin. Come on Kate - young girls will try and copy your figure and end up harming their health.

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