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How to get a body like Cheryl Cole

Pint-sized pop princess Cheryl Cole isn't just a fashion icon, she’s also got a figure lusted after by men and coveted by women the world over. How does she, and more importantly, how can you, do it?

Cheryl Cole (© PA)

It's not easy staying slim and athletic-looking when you're only 5'3". Just ask singer Cheryl Cole, who has to work hard to stay looking so deliciously hot. Pack on too much muscle and you appear stocky, like a rugby player. Get too skinny and you are in danger of disappearing altogether, and indeed Cheryl has at times been criticised for being too skinny.

The trick is to strike a balance, says personal trainer Gavin Walsh: "Cheryl Cole obviously looks after her body and is admired by many of us for having a slim, toned figure without being overly muscular.

"Because Cheryl has a petite figure both muscle and fat can be an issue. If she has too much fat it will show far quicker than on a taller person and if she has too much muscle she will look slightly stocky. Neither of which is a good look, especially if you live your life in the public eye."

How our Cheryl trains
Training to suit your body type is essential, but squeezing sessions into a packed diary is easier said than done, especially if - like our Geordie songstress - you're constantly jet-setting between LA, London and other glam locations.

Walsh has this advice: "Cheryl no doubt has a very hectic lifestyle so ensuring she gets a decent workout can be tough. Of course, practising her many dance routines will help keep her in shape, but when it comes to working out, she makes use of toning exercises in the gym as well as aerobic dance workouts.

"Like many women, Cheryl is conscious of becoming too bulky and worried that certain exercises might make her legs appear bigger. Although this "bulky" look is difficult to achieve for most women unless you're lifting heavy weights consistently for several months like Jodie Marsh has."

Our Cheryl often spends long periods in the gym, something which doesn't appeal to everyone. If the very thought is enough to bring you out in hives, then fear not, it's intensity rather than duration that matters. Walsh says: "Cheryl apparently recently trained an hour and a half a day, six days a week, for 30 days to get in shape for a tour. This is not something most people have time for, including myself, but fortunately you don't have to do hour-long workouts to get great results. That's not to say it's easy, it just means you have to train harder with the time you've got available. For example, if you've only got 30 minutes a day to spare, you could rotate your workouts between high intensity cardiovascular exercise and toning exercises in the gym or at home."

Dance class (© Rex Features)

Working up a sweat
Of course, not many of us get paid to sing and dance for a living (not yet anyway!), but it's not hard to find exercises that closely mimic the workout Cole's getting while up on stage. "Dancing is very much an aerobic exercise and so any exercise that gets your heart rate up and your lungs working will replicate this type of exercise," says Walsh. "That said, if you can't resist the urge to move your feet, then look for local dance classes. It's a lot more entertaining than plodding along on a treadmill."

You could also try interval training, signing up for a boot camp, or spin class, taking up tennis or even trying a martial art to get your heart pumping.

That's the cardio side of things taken care of, but what about those muscles? Walsh says: "In terms of toning exercises, it's best to focus on full body workouts that target as many muscle groups as possible. For beginners, body weight exercises like squats, press-ups, lunges and tricep dips will be very effective in toning those wobbly bits and improving metabolism.

"For those that have mastered the body weight exercises, I would recommend using some form of weight training to further their progress. If you're still worried about becoming bulky, simply use a tape measure to keep an eye on the circumference of parts of your body. If you need to lose a bit of weight to begin with, the inches will come off with a combination of toning exercises and card."

Where there's a celeb, there's a strict diet regime, and Cheryl is no different. Walsh says: "In preparation for her recent tour Cole had to tweak her diet to ensure she was looking her best. This involved cutting out junk food and eating plenty of greens and protein and cutting back on starchy carbs such as bread, pasta and cereals. Although, you will be glad to hear she does enjoy the odd chocolate bar."

The good-for-nothing footballer ex-husband and regrettable tattoos are, of course, optional.

07/07/2012 10:20
I once read that she is constantly hungry and spends approx £100k a year on 'beauty' regimes.  She also smokes endless cigarettes and probably consumes her body weight in coffee each day to replace food.  I think you will find most people would prefer to be a real woman with curves who isn't starving hungry and actually has something to contribute to society.
Shame on MSN for printing such mindless drivel ....here's a suggestion:  Try and encourage people to broaden their horizons by reading books, get a goal that isn't shallow and pointless, strive for a job or career that will provide contentment and maybe make a difference.  Spend time promoting the importance of  family, education, career goals, having a beautiful mind and being a decent human being instead of plastic, orange and and useless..we need a champion in this world for common sense and normality!

07/07/2012 19:47
Cheryl is not a great shaped woman at all petite yes and a pretty face , We have so many good looking girls out in the street who go unseen only because they are not rich and famous . Cheryl is all false right down to the hair extentions false eyelashes orange tan all fakery even nails and teeth done and god knows what else. Natural beauty is the best and always best . Bet she even fakes a Orgasm
07/07/2012 03:08
Who the hell wants to be like her or anyone else?Be yourselves for goodness sake!

07/07/2012 10:41
Any woman wanting a body like that could do with their heads checking. I think i speak for most fella's when i say it is extremely unattractive to be so skinny. Must be a barrel of laughs in the bedroom, I would be scared of breaking her. 
07/07/2012 12:52
Be glad for the body you have no matter what shape it's in. 
All that matters is that it is functioning well, and not diseased. 
Look after it well and it will serve you well.
And just remember, mind and body are intricately connected.
Think health. Think energy. Think inner peace. 

07/07/2012 10:02

Like to see her work at Sainsburys Tescos Home base etc and see how she looks


Instead she mimes,  marrys a rich footballer, contributes nothing and gets MSN to plug her career



07/07/2012 01:05
How on earth can you describe cheryl cole as a singer?I think you should be sued under the trade discriptions act. She can't even lip sync
07/07/2012 20:14

If she is so beautiful lets have a picture of her ist thing in the morning with zero war paint on.

That is true test for any allegedly beautiful woman.For the record what is beautiful.

 Beauty is only skin deep.

08/07/2012 21:28
She's only stunning due to the numerous make-up artists, Hair stylists, wardrobe experts & personal trainers she has who she pays to make sure she looks that good before she dose anything.
She's not exactly natural, she has fake teeth, fake hair, wears loads of make up. 
She probably doesn't eat anything. 
All the picture of her in the magazine will have been edited the life out of to make sure she looks as flawless as anything.  
Take all those things and people away from her and she'd look very normal. 

Think about it, if we had all of those people around the clock we'd look like her.. just look at Tulisa it didn't take her long to look like a spitting image of Cheryl. 

It's wrong what beauty is drawn upon nowadays, it's just an image you can't achieve unless you have the lifestyle and money the celebs have.. this is how you end up with poor young girls starving themselves to death 
06/07/2012 15:20

How to get a body like Cheryl Cole

1. Be born to her parents.

2. Have the same genes.

3. Have the same life experiences.

4. Get a life!!

09/07/2012 13:00
Earn the money she does then you could easily have the body she does 
09/07/2012 13:40
Spends more a year on makeup and dieting than most of us earn in 2 to 5 years.  Take away that and there are normal women in my local I would rather be seen with any day
07/07/2012 10:50

I admit she looks nice but always remember looks are not everything, maybe the personality that counts 

07/07/2012 09:48
why am i even reading this garbage?
07/07/2012 02:41
Why do MSN let the same boring dateing site links on their comment pages????? and it is always the same ones,
07/07/2012 08:30

what's with the 'despite' being 5'3" god MSN how shallow and predjucidiced can you get? this is more drivel from another unprofessional bigot.


07/07/2012 09:20
How to get a body like Cheryl Cole, well have a personal trainer, smoke 60 fags a day and mime constantly..... talentless tart....
09/07/2012 14:52
if she is that good why did ash play away
07/07/2012 15:53
Wow- I' ve never heard of this before! A slim celebrity regularly works out and eats the right things to maintain their shape?!! This should be breaking news!!!
07/07/2012 08:52
Who on earth wants to be as stupid and cheap as she is?
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