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How to fit in to your wedding gown in a month

The runup to the wedding is a nail-biting affair with worries over back fat, décolletage and tight corsets running rife. Nutritionist Dora Walsh explains how to get into your wedding dress in one month.

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Many brides come to me for weight loss or a detox in the lead up to their wedding and most want a flatter stomach, beautiful skin, toned arms, brighter eyes and the sense of being fully detoxed and fresh for their big day.

I tell them yes it's possible to detox in one month, flatten your stomach and lose weight, so just follow my top tips in the runup to your big day.

Flatten your stomach
If you don't fancy a colonic (not a nice experience, believe me!) then cleanse your bowel gently in 30 days with powdered psyllium husks or flaxseeds and plenty of water.

The seeds absorb water in the colon and expand to draw out impacted waste matter from the digestive system. Try it and your stomach will be flattening and you will feel more energised as you gently detoxify. By adding a fish oil supplement the passage of waste will be much easier as your intestines become lubricated.

Dosage: one tablespoon of powdered psyllium husks or flaxseeds in a large glass of water, followed by another glass of water. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day otherwise this concoction can constipate you. Also try 1,000mg of pure fish oil daily.

Eat bitter foods to break down fat
Bitter foods stimulate your taste buds and bile ducts, and when your bile flows freely it's much easier for your body to break down fat. And really good saliva production improves the process of digestion in your mouth to avoid bloating later down the line.

Eat bitter foods 20 minutes before your main meals and always chew your food to a pulp before swallowing.

Bitter foods include: rocket, endive, chicory, fenugreek seed and spinach.

Balance your blood sugar and avoid binges
Low blood sugar can get the better of us making us crave sweeties and overeat. Learn to control this in the runup to your wedding by eating three well proportioned, healthy meals a day and two small snacks so you never let yourself get hungry.

Spices and minerals for blood sugar control: add cinnamon to your drinks to help balance your blood sugar or take the mineral chromium which has been show to help balance blood sugar.

Avoid food intolerances
You could potentially lose half a stone in weight by simply avoiding the foods to which you are intolerant. This is because food intolerances can cause inflammation and weight gain as your body struggles to deal with foods it doesn't like.

Common intolerances include wheat or dairy, but you will only really know if you take a food intolerance test.

Solutions: undertake an IgG food intolerance test from a reputable lab and then cut the offending food from your diet for at least 30 days.

Cut alcohol and see the weight come off
Alcohol is packed full of calories so it's wise to cut it out in the runup to your wedding as you strive to detox and slim down your body and clear your skin.

There will be plenty of time to drink champagne at your reception so hold out for 30 days and experience a noticeable difference in your waistline and skin health.

Reduce your portions
Choose healthier foods, ie lean meats, fish, vegetables and complex carbohydrates and eat them in slightly smaller portion sizes to lose weight without going on an extreme weight-loss diet.

Portion size guide: each meal is the size of two hands and two daily snacks the size of one hand.

Increase your water intake
Not drinking enough water can hamper your weight loss and detox plan. Therefore, drink up to two litres of pure water daily to flush out toxins and avoid puffiness.

Solutions: keep a two-litre bottle of water on your desk at work or sip on herbal teas to ensure you are hydrated.

Don't eat after eight
Avoid late dinners or snacking late into the night as you won't be able to burn the calories in your sleep. Make your last meal of the day the lightest as your body's metabolic rate slows in the evening.

This really goes without saying! Incorporating this advice over 30 days will help you to fit comfortably into your wedding dress. You will also be a hell of a lot healthier and your skin will really shine.

Good luck for the wedding! For more information about Dora visit www.nutriheal.net.

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10/05/2012 16:25

I must be crazy or something, instead of doing all this I did something really silly. I bought a dress that fit me. Wink


Don't get me wrong this is good advice for anyone to folow, we should all try to be a bit more healthy regardless of whether we are getting married or not. But anyone who has already organised a wedding (unless you can afford a wedding planner to do it all for you!) will know it's a stressfull experience, don't add to the stress by worrying that your dress won't fit on the day. By all means detox to make your skin look nice and feel good but  buy a dress that fits and flatters the way you are, there are so many to choose from there is something for any shape out there. Most corset style dresses are very forgiving, you can just lace it tighter if you are lucky enough to loose weight or not if you don't.

10/05/2012 13:14
10/05/2012 14:58

this is a good idea provided you havent bought your dress 2 months in advance and you cant find a seamstreass to do adjustments within the 4 weeks prior,

Yes you can buy a dress thats slightly too tight, but with all good intentions doesnt ness mean you will be comfortable if you cant loose the weight before the big day, your stuck in a too tight dress, bad enough buying those shoes to die for that will kill your heels an hour into the service,


Im all for a detox but 4 weeks before the wedding hmm pushing it

10/05/2012 16:22
You are what you put in your mouth.People who say I dont eat much and still put on weight are deluded
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