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Updated: 29/05/2012 16:51 | By Marie Claire for MSN, www.marieclaire.co.uk

Hopes raised for male contraceptive pill

Scientists make a breakthrough in developing the pill...

Hopes raised for male contraceptive pill

Scientists have discovered a new gene which could see a contraceptive pill for men available for use within the next decade.

The gene, called Katnal 1, vital in creating fertile sperm, has been discovered by scientists at the Centre for Reproductive Health at Edinburgh University.

Katnal 1 aids in the final development of sperm, and if blocked, the testes produce undeveloped, immature sperm, which result in temporary infertility, according to researcher Dr Lee Smith.

‘If we can target this gene in the testes, we could potentially develop a non-hormonal contraceptive’ says Dr Smith.

‘The important thing is that the effects of such a drug would be reversible because Katnal1 only affects sperm cells in the later stages of development, so it would not hinder the early stages of sperm production and the overall ability to produce sperm.’

Dr Smith says creating the contraceptive will not be simple, but he believes it may be available for use in 5-10 years time.

This discovery could also shed some light on the causes of male infertility, and aid in the development of new treatments to combat the problem.

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30/05/2012 02:19
if bill gates and his cronies have a hand in this pill it would likely cause permanent infertility. This pill doesn't work hormonally, it's genetic!
 look up bill gates population control. georgia guidestone. agenda 21. look up monsanto as well.
29/05/2012 23:44
AH but would you women trust us to take it every day???????
30/05/2012 09:55
Messing about with science and the human body again when will proffessors and scientists every learn.

Now MSN...this is interesting but there is one more I'd like to see. Man gives birth, even if they need to have a C-section then again better NATURALLY and without gas and air or other means.


I'd also like to cut the vital 'part' with of course some supervision so no extra bit go missing!



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