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Bikini body challenge - day 13

Personal trainer Nicola Addison takes you through a simple routine to get you trim and slim in time for summer. It's day 13 and Nicola works the arms to banish bingo wings.

Woman doing sit-ups (© Rex Features)

Want to get bikini body ready in a month?

We've got personal trainer Nicola Addison to create a month long fitness programme especially for MSN Her readers to follow for free and in the privacy of your own home. Nicola is the founder of luxury training company Eqvvs and has a whole host of celebrity clients including Daisy Lowe.

Come back each day as Nicola takes you through a daily routine where you learn a new move to get you slim, trim and ready to throw on that bikini with confidence. On Sunday you will get a complete full routine from the week to work through and get you ready for the week ahead.

Talking about reaching your body goals Nicola says "It's important to know that even just 10 minutes of exercise each day can have great health benefits."

Find out more about Nicola at www.eqvvs.com.

Are you up for the challenge? Get started with the first in our series of videos. It's day 13 and Nicola works the arms to banish bingo wings.

Get an all over body workout from the routine on day 12

See the routine for day 11

See the routine for day 10

See the routine for day nine

Start the routine for week two

Watch the recap of week one's training.

02/05/2012 14:10
I wanted to read 'how to get a bikini body ready in a month' and as I clicked on the link the top of the page is advertising Ben & Jerry's ice cream  Sad
02/05/2012 15:55
Same here, & to add also got a McDonalds advert before the video started. Just what you need to see...
07/05/2012 19:08
Any modern age girl can get a bikini body in a month. In their own minds they already have one. From what I see, the fat chav cows buy a humungus tacky and tasteless "designer" (LMFAO) bikini and actually believe it looks good whilst straining to contain 23 stone of kebab curry, and vodka shots which only get worked off looking thru catalogues,going to the post office to cash the benefits cheque, swearing at their kids, Jawdon & Britny, from the sofa at the top of their voices instead of getting off their fat arses, or spelling every word wrong on Chavbook! Can't wait for this summer's outstanding beach hippos dressed up like over inflated, mascara wearing pigs. It is so funny! 
06/05/2012 21:36
Doesnt mean you have to eat ice cream and burgers peeps! think for yourself and close that advert
09/05/2012 18:46
I'm sure she's a nice a person, but I couldn't watch the full video. There's something annoying about her, sorry.
10/05/2012 12:03
great she's teaching some free tips to exercise, but yep I agree, her voice is a tad grating..could take it down a notch.. and girl needs a stylish.. and to get rid of those awful AWFUL shoes...arghhhh!!! Apart from that, thanks and good luck :)
05/05/2012 18:06
looks easy but its not! Bikini body time!!! Hot
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