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08/11/2011 13:44

Dawn French talks about her weight loss

A svelte Dawn French stepped out on the red carpet at the Galaxy National Book Awards this weekend looking great in a little black dress. The 53-year-old was all smiles as she showed off her amazing six-stone weight loss.

Dawn French (© Rex Features)

In her first interview since shedding the weight, Dawn revealed: "I'm eating healthily, taking care of myself and feeling very happy indeed." She went on to say, "Life is good. I want to go to Pilates classes, actually."

It's a far cry from the comedienne who has always been a cheerleader for the curvy woman. But she puts her desire to ditch the pounds down to wanting to do it for her daughter Billie and to turning 50. She said: "I think when you're over 50, you kind of have to pay attention to your health a bit. I want to be there for my kid."

She added: "'I have quite a lot of exciting adventures that I want to do and I just ballooned up a bit more than I wanted to. But you can always address it. You just have to eat less and walk more - and that's what I'm doing."

Talking about Dawn's weight loss Dora Walsh, head nutritionist and founder, www.nutriheal.net said: "Dawn looks great, but her amazing weight loss isn't just good for her appearance. Shedding her excess weight will help her to be healthier and reduce the risk of heart disease, adult onset diabetes, gout, stroke and many other obesity related health problems. I just hope she's lost the weight safely through healthy diet and exercise because there are no quick fixes."

What do you think of Dawn's new slimline figure?

Dawn French (© Rex Features)

08/11/2011 21:50

Dawn is beautiful, fat or skinny. Be nice to each other people. x

08/11/2011 15:19

looking fab at 5o, Dawn looks amazing, although she was big before she has the most amazing smile and always looked great, in my opinion she hasnt lost enough to make her look ill, she looks positively fantastic, what a transformation, well done dawn, one of tv's favourite ladies.

08/11/2011 14:22
08/11/2011 14:24

Dawn looks great what a transformation

08/11/2011 22:41

Blooooody hell....  I always thoughts Dawn was gorgeous, but now she is a complete babe...  You sure she is 50??!!  You go girl, let it be an example to others.  If Dawn can.... Anyone can!!


If there is one thing i tell anyone wishing to look after themselves better, its down to one core ingredient....  A positive mental attitude. 


The rest is all structure... 


Well done Dawn...  Mowah!!

08/11/2011 20:26

Actually Jarjar Bloom it is possible to loose that amount of weight over a four month period with out having a gastric band. Have you never watched the Biggest Looser!!!


Really you should keep your unfounded comments to yourself, if you cannot prove something - dont say it.


People can change their minds, who are we to judge.

08/11/2011 21:45

I honestly don't think Dawn would give a toss about what people thought if she did have a gastric band fitted and would come clean if it were true, especially after Fern Britton took the flack for not letting on. Anyway it has nothing to do with anyone else, how one chooses to lose weight.

Dawn you look gorgeous and alway's will with such a pretty face,no matter what size. Well done !!

08/11/2011 22:08
08/11/2011 15:08
well done Dawn, you look amazing. you always were pretty now you are beautiful.
08/11/2011 14:28
Absolutely Fabulous ...... Well done dawn
08/11/2011 16:55

She was beautiful even before she lost weight! :) x


08/11/2011 16:25
Dawn has always been a lovely personality whether on the larger side or not.  We all appreciate that there comes a time when you need to weigh up the options and with all the changes in her life I guess her time had come to do exactly this.  She looks absolutely gorgeous and I hope that for her losing weight gives her all the benefits of better health and a happier self.  Good on you Dawn, look after yourself, stay healthy and happy!
08/11/2011 15:41
dawn, big or small ,l have always been a big fan of yours, l think your fantastic, but you look amazing, you go girl x
08/11/2011 14:24
Good on her, what an achievement. She looks fab. Abfab!!!!
08/11/2011 14:34

Dawn French you look amazing!!

keep up the good workxx

08/11/2011 19:39
08/11/2011 14:34
She looks amazing!! but she did before too..good on you lass.x
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