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Celebrity slimmers: before and after

The Duchess of York reveals she lost two stones in 12 weeks, joining the long list of stars to have a slim, trim makeover

Celebrity slimmers: Sarah Ferguson (© Getty Images/Rex Features)
  • Celebrity slimmers: Sarah Ferguson (© Getty Images/Rex Features)
  • Litle Mix's Jesy Nelson's weight loss (© PA / Jesy Nelson / Instagram)
  • Jesy Nelson weight loss (© Jesy Nelson / Instagram)
  • Amanda Seyfried (© AP)
  • Amanda Seyfried (© Rex)
  • Miley Cyrus (© AP)
  • Miley Cyrus (© AP)
  • Emma Roberts (© Rex)
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For most of us, the healthy eating and fitness regime doesn't kick in until January 1st, but Sarah Ferguson has got a headstart by losing an incredible two stone in just 12 weeks.

The Duchess of York - who was once cruelly dubbed the Princess of Pork after ballooning to 16 stone - showed off her new slimline figure at an event in LA, wearing a flattering black skirt suit (above right) to show off a dramatically slimmer figure than earlier this year (above left).

Fergie achieved her impressive weightloss by holing up in a luxury £17,000-a-week Swiss chalet with her personal trainer, Josh Salzmann, where she adhered to a strict juice diet and a gruelling workout regime.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Fergie revealed that she hopes to inspire others.

“I went up to the mountains, and I ran every day," she said. "That’s how I got fit.

“I may have lost 30lbs, but I want to help combat global obesity.

“I want to really get into America and support young children who need to be educated about the future.”

Keep up the good work, Fergs!

Fergie isn't the first celeb to give herself a body makeover - click through the images above to see more stars who've slimmed down.


14/08/2013 13:46
I hope I'm not the only one who found most of these women more attractive in their larger pics.  Skin and bones just don't do it for me.  I'd rather have a girl with a little extra flesh than somebody whose ribs could be used as a xylophone.
14/08/2013 13:48
This article is disgusting. How on earth can you say that most of these women were even 'fat' before? Emma Roberts, excuse me, WHAT 'baby fat'? Just because someone isn't a size 6 with a BMI of 17 doesn't make them less attractive!
14/08/2013 14:01
What annoys me about the above report is that they say she was a size 10-12 before when she was more like a fabulous 14-16.  It now states that she is a size 6!!  This is sending the message that a healthy size 10-12 is fat when it clearly isn't.  If she is happy with her new size and she has worked hard to acheive it with no crazy diets well good on her.  She looks fab both ways.  However stop now, Please don't turn into skin and bones!! 
14/08/2013 13:59
Put the weight back on girl, the new look does'nt suit you at all. Bowing to the pressure is not the way forward. You looked much better before.
14/08/2013 13:59

I think she look very nice before she lost weight


14/08/2013 14:06
I'm sorry, but to me, Jesy from little mix looks dreadfully ill. She is nothing but skin and bone. Don't they realise that our children look up to these so called "role models". Is it any wonder that children are becoming anorexic. Why do they have to change, just because they have become famous? Just because they decide to look like stick insects, is not going to make youngsters buy their records. They need to get a grip, and stop trying to be something they are not.
14/08/2013 14:15
14/08/2013 14:12
Has the media learned nothing since the death of Karen Carpenter? A careless word in a review, in her case 'chubby', sent her into a downward spiral toward anorexia. Jesy was lovely before and, unless her health was at risk, she had no need to turn herself into the next in a long line of peer-pressured celebs who trade curves for a figure that would snap in a strong breeze.
This is the girl that was bullied as 'the fat one from little mix' or 'big mix', when she was never truly THAT big. I admired her for being who she was and showing girls that you don't have to be anorexic to be healthy and famous. Now, although she looks good, I cannot help thinking she will be the next yo-yo dieter which the media will follow and eventually ridicule. I also smell a fitness DVD in the making, which usually leads a celebrity down a path to obscurity.
With that said, good on her for losing the weight..... IF it was something she did for herself, and NOT media pressure or bullying to be thin.

Oh dear - she does look a little cadaverous now. And the lips might be smiling but the eyes certainly aren't... Good luck to her if that's truly what she wants and hasn't been strong-armed into it by her record company.
14/08/2013 16:06
What a load of crap about Jennifer Aniston!   Most people when they are young have fuller faces, doesn 't mean they are FAT! Once you reach your 30s your face defintely gets thinner - personally I'd like to have the fatter face I had when I was younger!  The pictures you show of actresses after they've lost weight look awful - only one or two look better for the weight loss, the others look scrawny.
14/08/2013 13:47
i think she looked lovly before she slimmed.its changed who she is but its how you feel .good luck.
14/08/2013 14:37
Jesy, Jesy what have you done ? Total turn-off now. Way too skinny girl, get those curves back !!
14/08/2013 14:18
she looks ill doesn't suit her at all

My first attempt, by throwing sandwiches, did not work. I raised my sword to the heavens above calling ''I HAVE THE POWER'.............. Instantly I am transformed to do battle with the dreaded SKELETOR.

Imagine my surprise when I come up against Morticia from the Adam's family. Am I destined to continuosly fight the ravaged sallow eyed skeleton horde with heads bigger than their bodies? Which reminds me, looking at their legs, I must get some pipe cleaners.


Don't miss the next exciting episode. The battle against stick thin women from the planet dysmorphia continues.    

14/08/2013 15:10
I think she looked better before she lost weight
14/08/2013 13:47
The Little Mix woman looks awful! Her face looks like a cancer victim...
14/08/2013 14:20
She is 22, looks better before than now.  I guess she is being badly managed................
14/08/2013 15:36
All but a few looked way better with the weight on
14/08/2013 15:14
Then again most stars look anorexic these, how can kids aspire to want to look like these freaks of nature, size 16 and proud of it, a lot of guys i've spoke to say they prefer girls with a bit more meat on the bones
14/08/2013 15:04

this is another case of how your supposed to look. its wrong!

its all very good saying she is eating healthy but its not always the case, we are not all Barbie dolls and Kens, and the annoying thing is the youngsters that look up to the celebs as there role models.

there are so many eating disorders out there and 95% of them are caused by media, some people can eat what they like and not put weight on others cant, I think society is terrible, in one hand we are promoting social networking and stereotypical looks but in another this is whats going to cause the problem, most parents don't let there children out to play because its unsafe, we are more scared because of the internet and knowledge this will then be inbedded into our children and there children, eventually most people will work from home again this will change everything again, I can eventually see leaving your house for anything a chore. we will sit in our houses in front of our pc's, tablets and TV's and get bigger and bigger unless they have solved the housing problem and everyone has room for a treadmill in the house for the 3-4 generations of children. at the moment everything is being pushed to buy online even your groceries, I remember being dragged around several shops on Saturdays to get the weeks shop, now its all under one roof, so the little shops close and shut down. now we drive to our superstore or not, we can now have everything you buy going to store sent to your house. so less and less, whether we work from home or drive to work we still really on transport devices.  I just think everything is on a collision course, nothing makes sense, everything counters everything. we have to be slim but we are being made to do less, healthy foods are not as healthy as you think and the way they are made is actually worse for us and have more chemicals than non healthy food. the only reason food is not healthy is because its mass produced we are eating more and more so it has to be man made, you buy a joint of meat fre**** been frozen for 5 years before you get it. nothing is fresh, organic is supposed to be grown without chemicals, it has to be now, if you go to a little farm shop you might be okay at the minute but eventually they will have to compete with demand. so whether the celeb is healthy might not be the case, cant quarantee she is eating healthy, she is probably exercising and burning off fat, that's great but I do think your heart will last for a certain amount of time and the more you make it work the less time it will have, you keep hearing of top fit healthy sports people having heart attacks, doesn't make sense, if eating and exercising properly was guarantee for being fit and healthy then do it but as they keep doing, some survey has been done and chocolate in moderation is good for you. alcohol in moderation is good for you. tea is bad, coffee is bad, then they are good. there are no certainties and I just hope the celebs feel better in themselves and have done it for themselves, because lots of people now are going to put pressure on themselves to try and copy and I don't think that's right.

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