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Five ways to get a flat stomach

Perhaps the biggest myth of the fitness industry is that you need to perform sit ups to get a flat stomach, this simply isn’t true.

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Despite what you may have read in magazines or heard in the gym you can’t lose fat from specific parts of the body.

It may not be nice to hear but fat is basically lost randomly on the body, for some people they lose it on their bum first but for others it may be their legs, it’s completely random and varies from person to person.

But there is good news; if you lose enough fat from the body you will eventually lose it from the stomach as well, even if you are one of these people who are prone to putting on fat around their abdomen.

So here are five proven ways to achieve a flat stomach, by following these basic principles you should start to see fat loss results within as little as 10 days.

(1)   Nutrition

Avoid all sugar in your diet as it's the top culprit for putting on body fat.  This includes sweets, chocolate and even fruit juices since they contain a lot of fructose, a natural form of sugar.

Basically every time we eat a sugary food, it releases a hormone called insulin into the body. Insulin is a storage hormone and it tells the body to store fat whilst also preventing the burning of fat.

(2)   Cardiovascular training

Perform your cardiovascular training, such as a light jog for 40 minutes, first thing in the morning before eating any breakfast as this is the perfect time for your body to start burning fat.

After not eating for 7 hours (because you are sleeping) your muscle glycogen levels and your blood sugar levels are at their lowest so this means during your morning run, cycle or swim you start to use the fat on your body as a source of energy rather than the muscle glycogen it usually uses.

(3)   Water

The Institute of Medicine advises that ‘men consume roughly 3.0 litres (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day and women consume 2.2 litres (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.’

This is so important for fat loss because if the body doesn’t have a sufficient supply of water, the kidneys cannot function efficiently.

At this point the surplus workload is done by the liver meaning that it can’t do its job of metabolising stored fat for energy properly resulting in less fat being burnt.

(4)   Weight training

If women weight train properly and correctly they will never have to perform a sit-up ever again, because the stomach is worked out enough during these exercises.

But weight training can also increase your metabolism so you carry on burning calories long after you have stopped exercising.  This is unlike normal cardiovascular training, like jogging, which only burns calories for the time you are training.

(5)   Supplementation

In conjunction with these four tips, you could try the supplement ‘Slinky', one of the few products that is both a fat burner and fat blocker in one.

Or, alternatively, if sugary or fatty food is unavoidable in your diet, try the supplement ‘Freedom’. 

Research reveals that this innovative product actually blocks most of the sugars, carbohydrates and starch from being absorbed. 

Both are available from www.femmeslender.com.

Always remember to consult your GP before taking any new medication or supplements.

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13/05/2010 16:02

You can eat everything, just in moderation- like anything else in life. I don't even think of lipo as an option!!! If you've put the weight on in the first place, you should make the effort to burn it off. I got the mentioned supplements and take it before eating out or treat days.

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