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2012’s hottest new exercise trends

10 of the best to get you back in shape

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With New Year looming, the chances are that joining the gym or getting fit is high on your list of resolutions. But with 78% of us giving up on our good intentions well before February, and the average woman ditching her healthy new lifestyle after just six days, staying motivated isn't always easy.

So if the thought of hitting the treadmill or going through the motions in an exercise class makes you want to give up before you start, try mixing things up a bit with one of 2012's new workout trends.

Here's 10 of the best to get you back in shape.

01/01/2012 15:13
how come  everyone in the picture is slim non of them have been anywhere near proper  food
01/01/2012 16:37
Best way to loose weight is to expend more energy than you consume....duh.....whatever way that is.....move more and eat less.
If you have no will power............putting a lock on the fridge might help.
Happy new year Eye-rolling
01/01/2012 23:23
the very first picture is shocking - the woman on the swiss ball is quite clearly anorexic or similar so why are msn using it to promote new exercises??
01/01/2012 16:11

The trick is to find something you really enjoy and stick with it.  Once you enjoy this and it becomes part of your lifestyle, then you can introduce variety and find other things that you enjoy.  Remember, anything is better than nothing. 


Gil's Health & Fitness

01/01/2012 18:38
The post isn't about weight loss, its about exercise for whatever goals you want. Cycling is fine for fat loss and whoever said about not losing fat on your stomach is talking horse. You can't spot reduce/lose fat. If you work hard enough on the bike you'll lose weight, after all, calories in vs calories out is how you lose weight. In addition as generally your HR will be lower on a bike, you can work out for longer, and it has less impact on your joints and muscles than running (although I prefer running and love it... both Outdoor on a road/trail and indoor on a treadmill). Having a balanced workout regime that "exercises" your heart and muscles is very important. Cardio for your cardiorespiratory health and resistance/weight/calisthenic type work for building muscle mass, joint stability and any kind of exercise that is load bearing be it running or weights, to help improve bone density.

01/01/2012 09:40
I go to pilates it helps with the stresses of life helps you relax and pull every thing in.I used to tap dance at one time my husband bought me a boxed set of gene kelly dvds for xmas so am going to find a classes he wants to come too .
01/01/2012 06:31
I have been working out for as long as I can remember, I used to attend fitness classes, only found the number of people overwhelmed me, therefore, I have worked out to fitness dvds, in at home ever since.       I started to work out in classes in the late 80s, continuing through to 2000, then in at home only from 2000.
01/01/2012 20:59
Stevenage Real Bootcamp is the best programme i've ever tried. I have lost over 4 stone and Bootcamp mixed with Martial Arts has given me a massive confidence boost. I have never had so much fun whilst making a great circle of friends. I have achieved things I never thought I could have including race for life and 5 ring fights and am competing in this years TOUGH GUY. I am very proud and now happier than ever. My children can train in martial arts with me and this fits in around my life so well.
01/01/2012 14:32
The best exercise isnt the newest - its one of the oldest!  Ladies get belly dancing.  Its a low impact form of exercise that produces stunning results for toning up all muscles of the body - not just the tummy muscles.  And best of all it can be enjoyed by ladies of all ages, sizes, shapes and level of fitness. 
03/01/2012 02:42
and i am just wondering how much it will cost to join a club like that anyway arm and a leg i bet.and just like some comments on here do it yourself fitness if thats what you want to do swim cycle run jog take the dog for a walk.thats all you need to do instead of paying through the nose for somebody to tell you how to lose weight.and if you are determind to lose weight you will do it the cheap way and not the expensive way.
01/01/2012 13:26
Stevenage real Bootcamp is a great way of keeping fit with loads of help with keeping you motivated until you reach the desired goal you want. Its quite mentally challenging too, so when you finish the work out you feel you can take on your day ahead with a spring in your step. Stevenage real Bootcamp is held in Hertfordshire and has a website you can view. Im looking forward to getting back to it now Open-mouthed
03/01/2012 17:24

Gillian....just because someone is slim doesn't mean they are anorexic.

I suppose the 'average' size for men and women is increasing so people under the 'average' size look like freaks........of course they are not.

Anyway the best way to test somebody's health is not BMI it is Body Fat %......you can have slim looking people still with high Body Fat % as the fat is more internal.

Whats wrong with this picture......absolutely nothing......just some people are jealous of slim toned women I suppose. Crying

02/01/2012 22:47
Obviously this picture was for promotional purposes as most of the lot out there.  Most people are used to this sort of thing by now. That's how BIG NAME fitness centres get most people netted into that 12 months direct debit contract crap. places like http://cid-e1a3a6f3dd20c135.profile.live.com/msn/posts?mkt=en-gb&domain=en-gb
03/01/2012 20:47

Gillian, anarexia is more of an eating disorder and in your head. Just because someones slim it doesn't mean they have it.

Also, getting in shape doesn't necessarily mean loosing weight because muscle weighs more than fat and some people have muscular builds but are slim and healthy, even if they are above the average weight for their height. And to loose weight or to slim down I find the easiest way isn't to go on any kind of boot camp or intense class. Maintain a balanced diet and exercise every couple of days, whether that's running, swimming or cycling or whatever sport you enjoy most. That said running does tend to be the best for a full body workout and burn most calories. Morning runs burn more fat and evening runs burn calories from the day.

But that is just my opinion and everyone tends to be different


01/01/2012 20:52
Val K , im exhausted after reading that !!!
05/01/2012 13:22
I agree with 'Someone', you need to find something that you actually enjoy. I love Indoor Cycling because of the efficiency of the work-out and you have an instructor, great music (hopefully) and a group atmosphere. But it's also a case of everything in moderation, and I am true believer in cooking with fresh ingredients and not eating ready meals, and exercising a few times a week, whatever form it takes. And for me that is indoor cycling. Live in London so have tried Pedal Studio and BOOM! Cycle and love the fact that neither has memberships and you can just go when you want and pay when you want. I prefer BOOM! though as I am not a fan of the 'Spinning' program that pedal studio and H2 do, think it's too monotonous and the bikes are not very good. 

But that's just my tuppence. Happy living all. 
03/01/2012 14:01

H2 Bike Run is fantastic! It is aimed at commuters as it provides safe bike park and luxury showers & lockers to keep your cycling gear in as well as loads of other perks. Take a look at the link above for more info on classes & what H2 has to offer.


A couple of posts below mention fitness centres costing an arm and a leg and getting tied into contracts. H2 Bike Run is only £42.99 and there is a 50% off offer in January. If you compare this to £110 travel card for zones 1&2 every month, you're saving quite a bit and keeping fit. You also don't get tied down to a contract. H2 prides itself in being a no frills club, so you only pay for what you want to use.


H2 is well worth checking out to kick start your New Year fitness!


01/01/2012 13:48
Try the "2012 New You Bootcamp" in Wistow nr Selby, N.Yorkshire. The workouts are aimed towards weight loss, muscular toning and increases in levels of energy plus they're amazingly invigorating. I've lost over 40lbs since joining last August!!
02/01/2012 07:09

Bokwa is a fast calorie burning exercise and very enjoyable as it is based on dancing and the moves are all to do with american sign language.  Try these classes out as they are run in most parts of the country now,be prepared to sweat though and enjoy.  If you don't know what it is look on youtube

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