10/08/2012 10:43
15-minute ‘no excuses’ holiday workout

Towel squats

Towel squats (© MSN)
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Twist a towel and hold it at either end. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart then bend the knees to 90 degrees and push your bottom out, as if you were going to sit down on a chair.

Still squatting, pause and raise your arms out in front of you, tensing your arms as if to you were trying to stretch the towel out. Hold for three seconds, lower the arms and return to standing.

Repeat 20 times.

11/08/2012 11:23
OK What exercise do you recommend for a septuagenarian with two replacement hips and a bad back. .
Can't even get in the position.
14/08/2012 16:30
No.9 is a no-no surely..? Twisting and lifting at the same time - one of the first things you get taught not to do, if you lift for a living.
14/08/2012 16:23
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