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eggs (PA)
Foods that help to curb appetite

Why do most diets fail? For many of us, the main reason we fall off the wagon is an inability to suppress our appetite, which means we inevitably give in to our cravings for foods that should be strictly verboten.

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msn her poll

What did you think of the Duchess of Cambridge's red outfit on day 1 of the royal tour?

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    61 %
    Just lovely - like a modern-day Jackie O
    9,748 votes
    20 %
    She looked nice enough - if not a little like an air stewardess!
    3,278 votes
    13 %
    Yawn - all her outfits look the same
    2,136 votes
    6 %
    Not great - here's hoping she steps up her style game
    895 votes

Total Responses: 16,057
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