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06/02/2012 12:20 | By Louise Roe, contributor, MSN Life & Style

Style Surgery with Louise Roe

Have you ever had a fashion crisis and wished there was an expert stylist on hand to help? Well, now there is. We've launched the Style Surgery with celebrity stylist Louise Roe, where you can ask her for help regarding all of your style dilemmas. Here Louise answers another sartorial problem.

Valentine's Day is fast-approaching and I've been set up on a blind date by my friend. I'm unsure if what to wear for the occasion - I want to look hot but not too try hard. Help! J Hargreaves, via email

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Ooh good question! Understated glamour is spot on: you want to look sexy, but not like you tried too hard.

I'd steer clear of showing too much cleavage or leg on the first date, you want to hint at your best bits, but not give anything away just yet. Wear the colour red if you can, statistics show this is the most seductive colour a woman can wear! I personally love one shoulder dresses or tops: they show off just enough décolletage to spark

Dress (© Warehouse)

his interest. Warehouse has got a stunning one shoulder red dress in store right now.

Don't wear red lippy or a particularly shiny, sticky lip gloss. These might look good in the movies, but in reality can put a guy off going in for the kiss, if he thinks he's going to get covered in bright, gloopy stuff. Simple lip balm or a thinner gloss, such as Mii or Stila, is perfect.

Ask your friend beforehand if he's tall enough for you to wear heels, and if so, go for a beautiful pair of stilettos. When you cross your legs next to him at the bar, he'll notice how long and lean they make your legs look.

Good luck!

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