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Nick Ede: Style for Stroke

Need a new LBD? Check out Nick Ede's stunning new LBD collection in association with Little Mistress and the Stroke Association.

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At the launch party for Style for Stroke

A homage to the flapper dress of the 1920s (© Nick Ede)

Celebrity style and brand expert Nick Ede has teamed up with Little Mistress to offer a stunning new collection of LBD in support of Style for Stroke, an exciting new charity initiative.

The premise of the collection is to turn last season's Little Black Dress into this season's Lovely Black Dress. It is hoped that the innovative take on the LBDs will help raise money for the Stroke Association as well as increasing awareness about strokes among the UK's younger generations; changing the perception of strokes and to do away with the myth that they only happen to old people.

MSN Her spoke to Nick to ask him about this new collection and why the Stroke Association needs support.

What made you decide to do this initiative?

I have been a supporter of the Stroke Association for 15 years since my mother passed away. I decided to get involved as I wanted to use my fashion and PR skills to promote the charity. I have seen that kind of support work really well for other charities. I also decided to approach Little Mistress to ask for their help and to allow me to create the Lovely Black Dress range.

What are you aiming to achieve?

I want younger people to understand what a stroke is, how it can be prevented, and also how we can raise funds and awareness for this important charity. I want to make Style for Stroke a global initiative and to have Style for Stroke stores if possible. I dream big!

How important do you think fashion can be in changing perceptions and aiding charities?

I think fashion can be a really great way to support charities and can also make a big difference. The influence of the fashion world should not be underestimated, it's powerful and can be used to spread a great message.

What was your inspiration behind the collection?

I love black dresses and wanted to create a range of different styles that were available to everyone from a size six to 16. I love clothes and am on TV as a style expert so it is time to put my money where my mouth is.

Can you describe the collection to us?

It's a collection of eight lovely black dresses - some short and some long, while some are tailored and some embellished. They are all different and the styles are very contemporary and on trend. Perfect for Christmas party outfits.

Do you have a favourite piece?

I love them all but the 1920s flapper dress with sequins and tassels reminds me of Cabaret or Chicago. Both are my favourite musicals and the women in these shows are sexy and confident.

All dresses from the collection are exclusively available from Little Mistress and are priced between £55 - £75.

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