07/09/2012 14:39 | By Jess Edwards, MSN Her

Mena Suvari v Maria Menounous: who wore it best?

Mena and Maria have been snapped in the same leather mini-dress - who looks more stylish?

Maria Menounous and Mena Suvari (© Rex Features)

Uh oh! Maria wore this black leather dress to the VMAs just one day after Mena rocked the same number at a Fendi party.

But who do you think wore it best? Vote in our poll below and let us know!

Who wore it best?
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Who do you think looks the best in leather?

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    52 %
    Mena Suvari
    286 votes
    48 %
    Maria Menounous
    262 votes

Total Responses: 548
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