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And a new adventure begins! Today I bid a sad farewell to LA, the city that has become such a fun and sunny home, for a whole three months. I'm heading back to London to film the second series of my makeover show Plain Jane, for MTV, and the schedule looks intense! Just a few days off here and there, which for me will be filled with other exciting projects, which I'll tell you about later.

For the show, we'll be jetting around some beautiful cities in Europe, meeting all sorts of interesting people and most excitingly, shopping at every stop. No complaints from me - this is a dream job and I'm beyond grateful to have it.

Packing was an absolute nightmare though: during the show I change two to three times a day for different scenes, and I'm not one for wearing the same pair of shoes in the same episode (I know it's ridiculous, but high heels are my major weakness!), cut to four very bulging suitcases being lugged one by one down the stairs this morning.

Luckily I timed it perfectly, walking out the front door, stumbling around a bit, the very moment two strapping lads wandered by. They offered to help me lift everything into the car and I very happily accepted. So what have I packed? Well I'll be tweeting outfit piccies every day, so you'll have to let me know what you think. A lot of Aztec-printed dresses from Forever21, my favourite studded olive leather jacket from Sara Berman, a bright three-quarter length jacket from Milly, a leather dress from cool new German label Closed (it's a bit like J Crew, www.closed.com), a classic trench (which I'm obsessed with) from All Saints, and for the days when we're just traveling and I want to be comfy, everything from Alternative Apparel. Their cotton tops are so thin and soft I usually end up sleeping in them too. It's almost got to the stage where I have to ban myself from their website because I'll just click click click into the night ordering everything in sight.

So I mentioned earlier that I'm working on a different project during my days off, and it's the royal wedding, for E! Entertainment! I can't work out if America or Great Britain is more obsessed with Kate Middleton and her style, but I've certainly never seen such a media frenzy over anyone, even Princess Diana.

Last week I hosted a segment about iconic royalty and their fashion, for the Nate Berkus Show in New York. It was such fun looking back through archives, looking at photos of Princess Grace, the Queen and of course Kate herself. So on the big day in a couple of weeks, I'll be commentating on the fashion for E! Entertainment, all day outside Westminster Abbey. E! host Giuliana Rancic (who is the loveliest lady, btw - it's always a right giggle working with her), plus Blighty's very own Dermot O'Leary and Angela Rippon will be live, watching with you guys, for the full five hours. So make sure you tune into E! at 9am on 29 April.

Ok last but not least, it pains me to acknowledge that, yes, music festival season is upon us. I'll be missing all the main ones because of filming - and all my buddies going to Coachella have made a nice point of rubbing in how much fun they'll be having, thanks guys.

But I do have some awesome fashion tips for you. Two stand-out new labels are an absolute must-buy for any hippie chick looking to shake a tail-feather in style. First up, Spirit Hoods make furry hats with scarf-slash-gloves attached, and each hood is designed like an animal. It begs clicking on the link because my description just can't do them justice! But my faves are Husky, Snow Leopard and Grizzly Bear. Then for the more daring, Tavik is a Californian company rocking out super 80s' swimwear in a sherbet rainbow of cool colours and patterns. Sort of Barbie meets Blondie.

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