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I'm in bed with the flu. I worked and played a little too hard at New York Fashion Week and ended up sick as a dog, but it was still so, so worth it. The snow barely melted off the pavements the entire time I was there but still, the fashion pack defiantly wore open-toe stilettos and skimpy dresses - which could be the reason why I can't stop sneezing.

On the catwalks, my favourite shows all had one theme in common: the 1960's. Victoria Beckham, Luca Luca, Milly, Nanette Lepore and Derek Lam all took inspiration from that mods and rockers era, sending bright, patterned, loose silhouettes, often fitted with dropped waistbands and shiny gold buttons, down the runway. Finally, some colour is going to enter our winter wardrobes later this year - in the form of burnt orange, bright mustard, and warm berry.

Victoria's collection, apart from being absolutely stunning, featured uncharacteristically baggy dresses - which, even though she swears she didn't know she was pregnant when she finished the collection - seem like a nice nod to maternity-wear. Almost every show I watched had models in giant two-tone 1970s sunglasses and cloche hats - so go grab both of those items now!

Marc Jacobs put chin-straps on his cloche hats, and after explaining that his white padded backdrop represented his 'mental asylum' theme (what?), sent his first model down the runway in a piece reminiscent of a straight-jacket.

Micheal Kors celebrated his 30th anniversary with a star-studded front row, including Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Debra Messing, Rene Russo and Bette Midler, to whom he presented a birthday cake backstage.

I rushed around town like a headless chicken, changing in the car between shows; filming for Elle.com a couple of days; doing live broadcasts at 3am to Daybreak a couple of nights (knackered); shooting a video for Italian Vogue (which was the best fun ever!); hosting an event for Macy's, and even heading out to a department store in Queens, where I was filmed making over two girls from Detroit as part of a competition.

The Paramount Hotel(The Paramount Hotel)

The saving grace to my crazy, insomniac's schedule was my tranquil sanctuary: the Paramount Hotel. I've stayed here before, and it's a big hotel that somehow feels like a chic boutique just off Times Square. Anyway, they've just opened a new suite, aptly named for Fashion Week - the Couture Suite. I wanted to move in forever! Dark wood lines the floor, Chanel photography adorns the walls and beautiful fashion books lay on the coffee table. Yummy candles are burning by the sheepskin rug when you walk in - under a TV that's bigger than my car - right next to a panoramic view of Manhattan. I swear - if you ever come to the Big Apple on a girlie weekend - this is where you have your full-on Sex in the City moment. Book it! www.nycparamount.com.

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