06/04/2013 11:30 | By Matt Farrington Smith, editor, MSN Tech

How refreshing: Debenhams uses amputee and size 18 models in new campaign

Debenhams new campaign reshapes the face of high street fashion

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What have an amputee, Paralympian athlete, size 18 model and 69-year-old all got in common? They all star in a new Debenhams campaign to promote its summer fashion ranges...

The high street retailer's 'High Summer Look Book’ has been purposefully designed to put diversity back into fashion and the high street by using models with different sizes, ages and looks. It features an inspirational and realistic line-up of models - putting an end to the industry norm of solely using young, thin models.

Debenhams new campaign featuring amputee and plus size models (© Debenhams)

One of the brains behind the retailer's new range is Caryn Franklin - an inclusivity campaigner and fashion industry commentator.

Caryn says: “To showcase the range of sizes and labels at Debenhams this season, we chose models to inspire us with their own unique looks and personalities. I loved seeing the way that clothes emboldened each woman and man and I loved being on a shoot where no two models were the same.” 

Some of the models featured include:

Alternative model, Kelly, born without her left forearm and discovered when she won TV show ‘Missing Next Top Model’.

Paralympian amputee Stefanie Reid.

Jada, size 18 model and face of the recent Plus Size Fashion Week.

Tess, a size six petite model, measuring in at just over five foot tall.

Philomena, a size 18 model, who wants to be Britain’s first black plus size supermodel.

Diversity in fashion has always been something of a hot topic, but in recent weeks fashion retailer H&M hit the headlines when plus size mannequins were spotted in a Swedish store. Read more on this story in Bing.

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