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Fashion alert: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has been seen looking stylish and relaxed since splitting from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes (© Rex Features)

A recent picutre of Katie sees the star looking happier and more relaxed while during her marriage Katie at times looked tired and worn down.

Katie Holmes has been stepping out in New York looking fabulous since the news of her split from Tom Cruise was announced.

The Batman Begins star looks as good she did in her Dawson Creek days and appears happier and more carefree than she has in years.

Katie's style is classic, simple and elegant and she is wearing the best accessory of all, a happy smile. With her hair swept back off her face into an easy ponytail, the star looks dewy-fresh and relaxed, even when crowded by photographers.

Style consultant Nick Ede says: "Not only has Katie been restricted by a compromising religion, she has also been restricted by a wardrobe that has mainly consisted of either matronly compliant outfits or rather unflattering dressed-down looks.

"Now that she has filed for divorce, it seems she has been emancipated stylistically and in doing so has been allowed to refine and rediscover her own personal style. First on her shopping list must have been a great pair of heels, I'm sure she will have been dying to slip on the Louboutin's and Choo's now that her diminutive husband is out of the picture.

Katie Holmes (© Rex Features)

Talking about Kate's new found glow, Nick added: "The old Kate, who was always been extremely stylish, is back and I'm looking forward to seeing her go from strength to strength. She could topple the style crowns of many a Hollywood starlet! "

The TomKat split has hit headlines around the world. Over at US weekly, a source revealed: "She's been miserable for a long time, but the last couple of weeks she's been happy, like she's been set free. I was wondering what changed with her. I guess she can finally be happy again."

We're looking forward to seeing more of Katie's fabulous wardrobe as she celebrates being single again.

Watch this space!

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