10/03/2014 18:15 | By Caroline Corcoran, contributor, MSN Her

Comment: Cara Delevingne is one of the most influential people in the country? Oh, please

As the model is named one of the ‘100 most influential Britons of the modern age’, Caroline Corcoran argues that the only thing she’s shaped are the nation’s eyebrows

Model Cara Delevingne (© Rex Features)

A woman who has worked out what happens in the brains of teenagers to make them interested in little else but throwing strops and getting served at Bargain Booze.

The creator of the internet.

Our likely next Poet Laureate.

The designer who is going to put a garden across the Thames.

Architects, neuroscientists, athletes, visionaries, human rights campaigners.

The first half of the Sunday Times 100 Makers List Of The 21st Century list made me want to run back to university and study architecture, while juggling an evening course in poetry and taking up the violin at the weekends. Oh and make apps. I must learn to make apps.

But after outlining that its inspiring shortlist consists of ‘the 100 most influential Britons of the modern age…  we believe all of them will shape and influence our lives for decades to come’ The Sunday Times set a very specific bar.

Which is why when I glanced the words ‘Cara Delevingne’ over a ketchuppy bacon muffin this weekend, I wasn’t convinced.

Cara is a great celebrity. She’s entertaining, talented. She went out with Harry Styles; she does a good line in selfies. But beyond her own field, in which she is obviously huge, her influence to me appears to be limited.

With only another 15 and a half women on the list (Brand Beckham were in there as one to explain the half, and yes - it is depressing to see another list heavily weighted in a male direction), her inclusion seems odd.

Not because she hasn’t figured out how we can all get to space (give the girl a chance anyway, she’s only 21) or because she happens to excel in fashion rather than particle physics.

But she’s not Lily Allen, in the list ostensibly as a singer but engaging in important feminist debate on a daily basis, or Victoria Beckham, whose day job is designing clothes, but is also a human-shaped lesson to anyone that with hard work, Hollywood A-listers might rock up to the Oscars in a dress made by a Spice Girl.

So why is Cara there? To make the list relevant and tweetable to young people? So they have a beautiful 20-something woman to give a full page picture to halfway through the feature? Funnily enough, Nigel Farage only gets a thumbnail.

Whatever the reason The Sunday Times had for including Cara, I don’t believe that she’s going to influence my life in 20 years. Unless they meant in terms of eyebrows. Did they mean she will shape our eyebrows for years to come? Because actually, that I can believe.

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