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30/11/2010 15:55 | By Jade Williams, contributor, MSN Life & Style

Sunday Girl: on tour

Sunday Girl tells MSN Life & Style about being on tour with Ellie Goulding, channelling her inner Wednesday Adams and designing her own t-shirts.

Sunday Girl (© Rex Features)

Wow, what a crazy month it has been! I have been on tour with Ellie Goulding for the past three weeks and I have loved every second. I have travelled all over the country supporting Ellie along with another band called Bright Light Bright Light, who I did an impromptu cover of James Blake/Feist with, shot backstage in Cardiff on my phone.

It was a hard task trying to pack a months worth of clothes, I am pretty forgetful at the best of times and was expecting to leave behind some essentials, like shoes or even the suitcase! We had a bit of a malfunction with getting stage clothes. Usually we get to borrow lots of lovely things but we were a bit last minute asking so I've had the fun task of finding bits and bobs on my travels. My first and favorite find has to be my grey woolen cape with faux brown leather trim that I stumbled upon while doing a gig in River Island at the beginning of the tour.

Jade wearing a River Island cape (© Jade Williams)

It makes some great shapes while performing on stage and also looks great as day wear. A trend I really like at the moment is the grungy 90s holey black jumpers floating about. River Island do a great one in the men's section that I brought for myself. Another find while panicking looking for clothes was a black cardigan covered in flapperesque fringing by Kate Moss for Top Shop. I wore this backwards and pinned it up as a jumper but shhhhhhh! I teamed this with a white shirt, black shorts and long socks to create a Wednesday Adams/

Sunday Girl in concert (© Jade Williams)

French 60s vibe. Like me Ellie also dresses quite tom boyish so I have been taking notes! She loves a pair of shorts and with a shirt and the occasional bow tie, which looks great. She has also been wearing militarily jackets, very nice and has a soft spot for Barbour jackets, off

Ellie Goulding (© Jade Williams)

stage that is. Ellie has also been sporting a purple rinse that is just brilliant!

To treat my tour van boredom I've been doing lots of knitting, I made a little sheep as you do... But more useful has been my little pom poms I have been making to put onto my cape, I like accessorising my clothes. For this tour I also designed my own merchandise T-shirts

Sunday Girl t-shirt (© Jade Williams)

that are color by numbers! You get a free fabric pen to doodle in the sections to spell out the hidden "Sunday Girl". I like that people can be creative and have a go.

So as the tour comes to an end I am very sad it's nearly over, we have had some fun nights out with Ellie and her band and met some wonderful trendy new fans. My next adventure is my first headline show at trendy London venue XoYo who picked me as their music tip for 2011, which is very nice of them. There will be plenty of stage dressing and a few outfit changes, come along it will be fun. You can get tickets here.

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