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Anna Karenina and the Art of Corset Making

Keira Knightley's latest movie features some couture magic in the form of corsets. We got up close and personal with a corset maker to bring you the ins and outs of lacing up…

Keira Knightley

Joe Wright's stunning version of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina hits theatres around the UK on Friday 7th September. This epic love story is set in late 19th century Russian high society and is very much worth a trip to the cinema, the set design is both unique and incredibly beautiful, but one thing I really found myself lusting after were the gorgeous costumes worn by Keira Knightley, which conjure up thoughts of whimsical glamour which no longer exists in today world.

Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina) wears some truly spectacular costumes and is corseted throughout the film. Wefirst meet Anna on a train wearing an intricate fur trim coat with matching hat and black lace veil traveling from Saint Petersburg to Moscow in attempt to console her sister in law who has just discovered her husband has had an affair and convince her not to end their marriage. It's during this trip that by chance she meets the handsome, rich cavalry officer Count Vronsky, watching him swirl her perfectly nipped waist in a silk bustled black ball gown around the dance floor saw the start of their epic love story and mine with corsets.

So I was extremely excited to be invited to a night of Corsets and Cocktails in honour of the film's release. Deep in the heart of Soho myself and a few select journalists are taken through the history of the corset with Master corset maker and author Julia Bramble, before the fittings begin.


After a few drinks we've all worked up the courage to give one a try, the first thing you'll notice is not so much how much smaller your waist is, but how much better your posture is. Wearing a corset instantly made me feel more confident about my figure and I have to admit a little sexier and without a doubt much prettier than if I'd squeezed into a pair of spanx.

There is definitely a fantasy element to corsets, if like me; you're a period drama junkie the corset is a symbol of more glamorous bygone era, you can imagine yourself in a full skirt being swirled around a ballroom my a handsome stranger much like Anna Karenina.

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Anna Karenina is in cinemas nationwide from Friday 7th September

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