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Leaping 15,000 feet? That's one way to test a bra

Skydive instructor Laura Muller test dives comfort levels of a new bra by leaping more than 15,000 feet from a plane at Hibaldstow airfield.

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Women know how hard it is to find the perfect bra and have spent hours trying on various bras to make sure they're the right cup size, that underwire isn't poking your rib cage, or the straps digging into your shoulders. But would you jump out of a plane to make sure you'd found the right one?

You may think it's an extreme way to test the reliability and comfort of a bra but Laura from west Yorkshire went the extra mile (well 2.8 miles to be exact!) when she was asked to test the new Belvia Bra by JML.

Talking about why she took the challenge she said: "I was approached by JML to do the jump and I thought I would give it a try - anything for a giggle."

Laura Muller (© JML)

The bra is designed with no hooks, underwire or adjusting straps, to rid the wearer of the dreaded 'fat back' effect of some traditional bras. And it seems to have done the trick!

After her jump Laura said: 'If a bra can stay comfortable at 150mph, then it can certainly withstand a night out partying."

Belvia Bra retails at £12.99 from Asda, Boots and www.JMLdirect.com.

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