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London Fashion Week show report: Issa

Fashionista Poppy Dinsey tells us what she thought of Issa's tropical spring 2013 collection

Issa is always is my LFW highlight, there is never a show I enjoy more. I'm a big, big fan of 70s glam maxi dresses, silk jumpsuits and wrap dresses - so as these are all Issa staples, it is impossible for me to sit in an Issa show and not feel myself getting poorer as I mentally add 95% of the collection to my own wardrobe.

Issa model on the catwalk (© David Fisher, Rex Features)

I guess one of the eternal appeals of Issa is that it's all very wearable. The term 'real women' gets bandied about a lot in fashion as if size zero models aren't in fact 'real', but the truth is that Issa is a label for 'real women'. Boobs and bums are accepted, celebrated even, and women of all shapes, sizes and ages flock to the label knowing any Issa piece will make them feel a million dollars. And of course, the K-Midd effect post THAT engagement announcement dress has meant that Issa is a brand known by all - from Ms Serious Fashionista to Joanne Public.

Brazilian designer, Daniella Helayel, the beautiful brains behind Issa said, "The Spring / Summer 2013 prints are inspired by the Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, vibrant underwater corals, passion and seduction. We started with our main theme and created mood and print boards of flowers, exotic plants, the sea, skies and corals".

Issa model on the catwalk (© Jonathan Hordle, Rex Features)

As we waited for the show to begin, and the paps went mental for Kelly Brook and Mohammed Al Fayed in the front row, I genuinely started to worry that someone had pressed play on the wrong soundtrack. As we listened to jungle-esque sounds of birds and bugs I was certain we were listening to the exact same opening track from Todd Lynn which had showed a couple of hours before. But no, those jungle sounds were ever so slightly different and it just happened to be that Daniella had also looked to the jungle for inspiration.

I had to contain myself shouting with excitement like a crazed football fan when the first dress walked down the runway, Jourdan Dunn opened the show in a dress covered in TOUCANS. Toucans are my all-time favourite animal, so to see them on a dress by my all-time favourite label was slightly giddying.

Jourdan wasn't the only crowd pleasing model walking for Issa, Cara Delevigne was also modelling looking stunning as ever.

The shapes of all the garments - jumpsuits, maxi dresses, plunge front dresses, backless dresses, gathered silk - were all very classically Issa. The colours; all tropical brights, from greens to oranges to pinks to blues.

The toucan printed pieces were certainly my favourite (there were tropical flowers, elephants and tigers too!) but I really could see myself wearing all of it. I genuinely am scared for my bank balance.

Let's all jet away to a star-studded beach party, please. And we shall all only pack Issa SS13 in our suitcases.

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