21/09/2011 15:43 | By Abi Omole, contributor, MSN Life & Style

Q&A: Aminaka Wilmont

As London Fashion Week winds down for another season, MSN caught up with Maki Aminaka Löfvander and Marcus Wilmont, the designer duo, behind Aminaka Wilmont. Here’s what they had to say.

Models (© Abi Omole)

How would you describe your collection in three words?
"Etheral modern changelings."

How has your style developed since last collection?
"We have expanded the range and moved from draped designs towards a more structured creative direction."

What was the piece that was most fun to design?
"Every piece within the collection has value for us and we truly love the creative process from a sketch to a designed garment. However, show pieces are always the most rewarding to create and our woven dresses capture the woman we want to wear our clothes."

Who is the girl like that would wear this collection?
"She is the girl who 'never quite fitted in' and always looked and acted a bit different - but who grew up to become a beacon of beauty through her uniqueness."

When it came to hair, what did you tell the ghd creative team you wanted to create?
"We always take the professionals we work with through our research journey and explain the essence of the idea, then we let them respond creatively and evolve the final look."

How do you pick the music for your shows?
"We always react emotionally to music. The tracks are picked because they've individually inspired something in us that helped form the clothes.

Now that fashion week is over what will you be doing?
"Prepare for the sales in Paris."

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