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I have just spent three days on a semi-inflated air mattress, in a muddy field, walking on undulating grass and listening to some of the best live bands around – meaning one thing, I have just got back from the Isle of Wight festival!

By lifestyle-3 14/06/2010 01:00

I absolutely love festivals and live music but every year (usually once I have woken up in a hot tent at 7AM in the morning and had to queue for the toilets for half an hour) I ask myself, am I too old for this? But this year, instead of questioning my age, I was instead left questioning what has happened to ‘festival fashion’?

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It’s summer apparently...

By lifestyle-3 09/06/2010 01:00
well - there are most certainly glimpses of good weather and this has spurred me on to take my fitness up another notch to make sure I can still fit into my favourite bikini, which I can’t bear to part with (even though it has definitely seen better days). And there is nothing like some new workout gear to get me in the mood for bench presses and burpees!


So I was really excited to hear that fashion designer Cynthia Rowley has teamed up with surf brand Roxy and created a vintage inspired collection of neoprene-influenced clothing. And before you ask, it’s none of that kinky stuff!


So, now that I have found the sportwear that will inspire me to up my fitness ante, I thought it would be a good idea to mix-up my gym routines and try something new

By lifestyle-3 09/06/2010 01:00
Which is how I stumbled into a Power Flex Studio earlier this week…


Everyone these days have heard of Power Plates - the machines that vibrate when you exercise on them (which contract your muscles 30 times per second, burning significantly more calories than a normal workout).

Well, I was to find out that Power Plate training has just been pimped by two qualified personal trainers called Nick

and Steph.


Here at MSN towers we are very lucky to be able to wear what we like to work

By lifestyle-3 04/06/2010 01:00

 but I was out to dinner with some friends the other night (making the most of the good weather by sitting outside) and the conversation turned to one of my friends being reprimanded at work that day for not wearing her suit jacket to a client meeting (even though it was stiflingly hot). So I was interested to receive a press release from the Clothes Show announcing that they are campaigning for a more relaxed summer wardrobe of cool kaftans and airy dresses this summer.


Being prone to break out skin I’ve always had a nightmare hunting down a fake tan for my face that doesn’t bring me out in spots.

By lifestyle-3 04/06/2010 01:00
I won’t bore you with my woes but I have been griping for years about the problems with self-tanners – apart from the mandatory acne attack, I have suffered clogged pores, a dirty looking face, orange hairline and don’t even get me started on that horrible digestive biscuit smell they all seem to possess.


I had almost given up on finding this Holy Grail until a make-up artist I know suggested I try L'Occitane's excellent Sol do Brasil line; and the preliminary applications have been fantastic!


So, this is my first blog posting as the new MSN Life & Style Fashion Editor, so I suppose it would only be appropriate to introduce myself and tell you a bit about, well me.

By lifestyle-3 04/06/2010 01:00

I started at MSN three weeks ago and I love it - it’s a dream job and I feel very lucky to have been given the position - I mean, I get to write about all the latest style and beauty news daily, what is not to love?


It’s also quite challenging as this is quite a transitional career path for me. I have worked in fashion for ten years but herein lies the problem - it was menswear. I used to work on the big glossies in the men’s market but I’ve never worked on a women’s title, even though it has always been an ambition of mine (and for the fear of turning into a man myself), which is why I am over-the-moon to now be part of the MSN Life & Style team.

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