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Willow's fancy footwear

Will Smith's daughter shows off her funky new look in New York. But is it a bit beyond her years?

By Zoe Zahra 18/03/2012 12:09

Willow Smith (Image © Rex Features)It looks like youngster Willow Smith won't be whipping her back and forth anymore as she goes for a dramatic makeover.


The 11-year-old singer who shaved off her long locks in February has been spotted out and about with newly dyed green hair.  And to complete her funky look she wore mega trendy skeleton style shoes by Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas.


Keeping the rest of her outfit simple she wore skinny black jeans with a kimono-style jacket and Louis Vuitton handbag. 


Eat your heart out Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj!


I think it's great that Willow is playing with fashion and trying to find her own style but at only 11-years-old should she really be walking around in six inch heels?


What do you think of Willow's style?  Is her look a bit beyond her years?

19/03/2012 13:41
at 11 years old, her bones are still soft and forming. She's doing untold damage to her feet by wearing such high heels. Her parents need a stiff reminder of common sense
19/03/2012 13:07
It is beyond her years, but then many youngsters her age dress beyond their years. Personally I think kids grow up way too fast these days and their youth should be cherished, not taken away. Six inch heels is ridiculous at her age, Lord knows what her mother and father are playing at.
19/03/2012 14:56

Another crap story to comment on,

well done MSN.

19/03/2012 18:10

always had some respect for Will smith until i saw his daughter. I'm not saying she isn't talented but if she had normal parents nobody would buy an appauling auto-tuned song as Whip my hair. Her hair looks ridiculous and those shoes are hideous. If she was a fully grown woman she'd be laughed at but she's only a kid so I feel sorry for her. She's only 11 for god's sake, let her be a normal child!

19/03/2012 15:00
There can't be a person in the world,who hasn't made a fashion blunder, but I do agree the shoes are way to high for 11 year old. and she must have a very understanding school because my children's school would send her straight home to sort it out
19/03/2012 21:51
I'm sorry but this is just crazy - she looks dreadful.  The people who are really to blame are her parents for a)obviously having no control over an 11 year old and b)completely abdicating their responsibility as parents in allowing her to dress as an adult when she is a CHILD.  For goodness sake what are we doing to children?? Adults are supposed to guide, protect and support - not just give way to every whim!!!
19/03/2012 20:54

I too think heals of that size for an 11 year old are ridiculous, & no way would my daughter be able to dye her hair green let alone shave it all off as she'd just end up in tears regretting it.

But, more importantly, is she alone here? It seems as though she is. Why would an 11 year old (who clearly looks, dresses & acts older than she is) walk the streets of New York on her own! My children aren't allowed to walk to the shop on their own & we live in a very nice area! Anything could happen!

19/03/2012 20:30
She is 11 years old.....No child this age should be shaving their hair off nor wearing those style of shoes ( by which look really bad ) .... She should be acting like an 11 year old should be acting....playing with girls toys and all that stuff.....Not promoting record sales and performing for crowds !! I don't agree with this
19/03/2012 19:21
male or female my mind boggles looking like this poor kid
18/03/2012 13:01
The choice is hers, she can wear whatever she wants, but children should CHERISH THEIR YOUTH and this child is a grown 11yo...
19/03/2012 15:49

11 year old spoilt rich kid who's parents don't seem to care.  If she seems happy its ok.

I bet if she got stopped from coming to school like that  they would say school is over reacting  and take her out and move her to a school where the head would appreciate her parents money


19/03/2012 14:58
i love the fact that this young girl is not dressing as jail bait (makes a refreshing change) she has her own look and the confidence to pull it off (but those heels.......ouch)! 
19/03/2012 18:17
I love her style and those clothes...just not at 11.
20/03/2012 03:50
I am only 25 and even I can reason this CHILD is too young to be wearing such a mature looking outfit. Not only is she doing damage to her baby legs, she is also bringing undue attention to her image and clearly loving it. Reading all the past messages here, I would say majority of people find the fact her parents condone this behaviour as appalling. I am a fan of the smiths but I would not allow my kids to start trying to look 'sexy' at such a tender age! Give her a dolly and tell her to go home because the streets are dangerous. secondly why would anyone let their child cut their hair let alone dye their hair green at 11. Having a lot of money should not mean not having control over your kids lives.
I suppose when she turns 16 we should be ready to see attention seeking to the next extream.

19/03/2012 22:25
welcome 2 the crazy bubble world of the rich and famous, this girl was never going 2 have a avg childhood due 2 here parents being so rich and famous and that isn't here fault at all being blessed with being born in 2 such a wealthy publicly loved family, but for all the great benefits this life entrails there will always be pitfalls I think she has  a whole team of stylists and make-up artists and music Mongols behind her telling what she needs 2 do in the public eye forgetting this girl is only 11years-old  and with her not being old or reasonable enough 2 make her on discussions' it really has 2 fall on 2 her parents 2 keep her growing-up before her time so for me I have 2 say this day and age kids can choose what 2 wear and how 2 look but I really doubt this 11-year old dressing herself more she`s been infulened by the people in the backround what 2 wear.
Her parents obviously have enough money to buy her a career in fashion and music. How many years before she has a breakdown and lives a life of drugs, sex and exhaustion. These are the role models we need to protect are children from. Rihanna was bad enough and Lady Gaga well both are freak shows who promote the darkside in their lyrics and fill young peoples minds with videos or sex, devil worship and greed. Well done MSN for promoting these so called celebs.
02/04/2012 10:41
Maybe Will & Jada should stop her from spending so much time with Lady Gaga...
15/05/2012 21:27
This is just bad. I can't even say anymore on the matter. If my 11 year old sister tried this my mum would be sure to lock us away for a while! :L 
19/03/2012 18:53
Well  think the problem is the heels! It is fine for an 11 year old to wear heels, but not for a daily basis only for a special occasion such as a party ,prom or wedding or anything else special. The hair she shouldn't have chopped off because it looks ridiculous the way she has even dyed it green(!) But i am not saying anything bad about her its just the way she dresses for an 11 year old. Her parents must let her off for anything!!!!!!
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