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Red carpet? It was actually a little beige…

It took a year to plan, a week to set up but only four hours for the film stars to blitz the red carpet and leave us feeling a little underwhelmed by their dresses.

By Sarah Hecks 27/02/2012 12:58

So that was the Oscars then….

I’m sorry but I have a habit of not trying to point a finger at who looks awful, because everyone has a bad day. But that was the problem with this year’s event - I couldn’t even break from the norm and point out anything as there really wasn’t anything to point at - everyone just looked, well, dull...

It seemed that Hollywood’s elite were playing it safe for fear they’d end up on the worst –dressed lists and adhered to what they perceive as the  ‘Oscar rules’ of dressing – natural hair and make-up, no statement jewellery pieces and a floor-length gown which doesn’t show off too much flesh.

Apart from a flashing of Angelina’s right thigh in her Versace gown (which sparked some clever person to immediately come up with the Twitter account @AngiesRightLeg, sharing such insight throughout the evening as: "You have to admit, I'm one hell of a leg."), everyone else kept everything under wraps, making it a very matronly party.

We don’t expect everyone to don a swan dress à la Björk back in 2007 but if the only thing we are talking about the next day is the Twitter account for Angie’s right leg instead of what the attendees wore, you know it makes for a very boring event.

Fingers crossed next year we’ll get something a little more interesting – we’ve already registered @JLosNever KnowinglyUnderdressedLeftBreast and GwynethsFullOnDominatrixGetUp just in case...

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