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Shwop 'til you drop

Ab Fab actress Joanna Lumley has joined Marks & Spencer to launch their new Shwopping campaign.

By Zoe Zahra 26/04/2012 11:17

Joanna Lumley


A new M&S initiative aims to revolutionise the way we shop for clothes.  The high street brand has launched a new eco-friendly campaign to encourage shopper’s to live more sustainable lifestyles by dropping an unwanted piece of clothing every time they buy a new one.  They can do this through the 1,200 Shwop Drops which are being rolled out across UK M&S stores from today.  The clothes will then be resold, reused or recycled by Oxfam and the money raised will go to help people living in poverty.


Talking about front the Shwopping campaign Joanna Lumley said: “I'm really excited to be working with M&S and have long admired Plan A. Their latest initiative, Shwopping, is all about getting customers to recycle unwanted clothes every time they shop at M&S. It's a big, bold campaign and a first for the high street.


“We're asking people to open their hearts, their minds and their wardrobes. Remember we used to just throw away plastic bottles. Now we recycle them without even thinking about it. We need to do the same with clothing. Bring in something old; buy something new. Swap and shop. It's that simple.”


If you want to get involved you can find out more at








26/04/2012 12:40
I have just been listening to a feature about this on 'You and Yours' and somebody tweeted that so-called 'cheap fashion' should be stopped.  What a sad person!  It isn't cheap fashion it's sensibly priced fashion.  It's the hugely overpriced so-called high fashion that should be stopped.  £80.00 for a pair of jeans is a ridiculous price and you are only paying for the name not the cut or quality.  A pair of Wranglers for £25.00 will last just as long as the £80.00 pair and nobody can tell what make of jeans you are wearing anyway. If anyone tells you they can tell the difference unless they look at the label then they are just being pretentious p*a*s dwarling!

The fashion houses are taking the p**s.  One of the supermarket chains in the UK tried to sell Levis' at cost plus 10% and Levis took them to court for selling them too cheap and thereby allegedly undermining the Levi brand.  So, who's the idiot? Joe public for paying through the nose or the fashion producer for ripping off joe public.

Ask the manufacturers to publish the real cost of making a pair of jeans and they will refuse because if they did they would never be able to sell another pair at the hugely inflated price that is charged now.  If you are stupid enough to pay way over the top prices for any item of clothes on you go but the money would be better donated directly to charity which is where these 'shwop' items are going.

27/04/2012 15:02

Another way for the billionaire who owns oxfam to earn money

27/04/2012 19:44

buy where you like, and take your older stuff to the charity shop of your choice.

don't let M&S undermine the work of the other charity outlets


Oh yes. Don't you just love the majors with their pseudo concerns for the environment, ethical purchasing and those less fortunate than ourselves? Then take a look on the back of some of the stationary and cards purchased in M & S . Made in China, and they're not the only ones at it, mind.


You wanna buy labels? Then buy your stuff from the charity Triaid, they've brand new Timberland end of season lines and loads of others, ridiculously cheap. Or try Therapy, London (not a charity) London. Ralph Lauren shirts £30.00 quid each. Levi's £30 quid a pair. Stacks of brand new stuff at rock bottom prices!


I donate to a charity privately, and am a strapped for cash consumer, like most people nowadays, and I have to say I resent giving my hard earned to any of the majors, using their ploys trying to touch me conscience. So I don't. Got to to Lidl!


So hunt around,

They're deals to be found!


Go well and be lucky.



26/04/2012 13:13
Is this the best idea M&S can come up with, I think not.
Luffly! So M&S stores will smell like some of the charity shops.
27/04/2012 15:10
Did I forget to mention the cost of advertising this ridiculous scheme, including Joanna Lumley's fee??  And the many other incidental costs of running it?  Silly me!!!  I will avoid M&S for the furure and watch the progress of how my money will be spent there.  (-:  (-:
27/04/2012 15:03
This is just a sales gimmick, with no real concern for the less fortunate.  I expect that to shift these donated clothes, which have various degrees of quality and usefulness, will be added to the price of the new M&S things.  What a con!!!!!  Not for me!!
27/04/2012 12:38
Who came up with this name, Jonathan Ross?
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