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Synchronised swimmer Jenna Randall shares her fitness regime and beauty secrets

MSN Her gets the lowdown on the sports star - who knew she loved crumpets?

Jenna Randall (© PA Images)

How did you get into synchro and what skills do you need?
My local swimming club had a synchro swimming lesson on after my regular swimming lessons. My older sister joined first and I followed, as younger sisters do! You need to be very strong, a confident swimmer, coordinated and very flexible.

How would you describe synchro?
It's like ballet in water! We describe it as running the 1500-metre race, while holding your breath on a 100-metre sprint and then moving your arms around making it look effortless all at the same time!

What is a typical day of training like?
Well from 7-8am we are in the gym for a warm-up, here we focus on core, flexibility exercises and Pilates which is great for keeping muscles lean as often the gym can bulk you up too much. From 8-9:30am we do some speed swimming and then from 9:30-1:30pm we spend time in the water doing syncro; working on both the technical aspects and physical endurance.

After lunch we are then back in the pool from 2:30-5pm, perfecting the routine. Sometimes we will do two hours of strengthening and conditioning after this, and then we're done!

Jenna Randall (© Braun)

Do you train outside of the pool?
I have my gym routine and Pilates sessions. I do a lot of foam-rolling to improve my flexibility. It soothes out muscles and gets rid of lactic acid and I tend to do this every day for 20 minutes. During the non-competition season we do a lot of cardio on the bike and cross trainer for about an hour, doing sprint sets.

What about diet? We know you're a fan of crumpets...
I am always conscious of what I am eating; it's such an important way of ensuring I have enough energy for a long day of training. I always have three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner and I don't tend to snack in between.

My favourite meal is definitely breakfast as it's the only time where I can really eat a high in carbohydrate meal. I am addicted to Kellogg's Frosted Wheat's at the moment.

Why would women want to exercise in the water?
Being in water keeps you strong and makes your body leaner in terms of muscle so you don't get overly bulky/muscly but you still have that defined and toned look.

What goes into preparing for a competition?
I have to think about keeping my body looking good as we are also judged on our appearance, and I focus on the feedback from our coaches and the corrections that they have given us during training.

A Russian lady called Natalya designs our team costumes and sends through her designs to us. We'll then review them as a team and feedback to her - it's really fun looking at the costumes!

Swimming is notoriously bad for skin and hair - what's your trick to looking great?
The chlorine can really dry out my skin and hair so I use this amazing product on my hair and skin called Swim Spray which has been specifically designed to get rid of chlorine and that chlorine smell. After this I always use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner as they keep my hair super soft.

What's in the sports bag?
I always have a litre of water with me to help me stay hydrated. They say if you are 6% dehydrated that affects 2 weeks of your training!

What make-up do you use in the water?
I use Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara as it makes my eyelashes look fuller and longer and I always use Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer - It's a great for making sure my concealer and eye shadow stays on!

Apart from getting fit, what do you do to make sure you actually look great?
Having to train 8-10 hours a day is really good for my body and Pilates helps stretch the muscles out so we don't get too muscly. I drink around two litres of water a day to help my skin look fresh and keep my body system working well.

I also always make sure my skin has a nice healthy glow - I use St Tropez Everyday Gradual tan moisturiser which easy to apply and non-streaky. Tanning helps show off muscle definition so it makes us look good in the pool when we're competing

How do you keep your legs looking good?
It's all about keeping them silky smooth and I love the Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro Epilator. As you can imagine I spent most of my time with my legs above water so it's important that they always look great. The epilator gives you long-lasting soft skin with results lasting up to four weeks, and it can also be used it in water which makes it more gentle!

What's a beauty must?
My mum taught me how to look after my skin and is responsible for my beauty routine.

She also got me into Dermologica skincare products which work really well with my skin type - I always use Dermologica Overnight Repair Serum before a big event.

Jenna and Asha Randall (© PA Images)

Jenna and Asha Randall

What did it feel like to perform on home turf at the London 2012 test event?
It was fantastic and mind-blowing when we walked out of the waiting room and through the double doors. The roar from the crowd was spine chilling.

What impact do you think London 2012 will have on the nation's attitude towards sport in general?
I think it has already had a massive impact - lots of kids have joined up and started trying different sports leading up to the Olympic Games. With syncro, we've had more media attention and more kids wanting to join in too which is great.

To get into synchronised swimming, visit Britishswimming.org to find out where your nearest centre is.

Jenna Randall is the face of the Braun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro Epilator. For more information visit the website.

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