23/07/2012 09:52 | By Poorna Bell, editor, MSN Lifestyle

MSN Her talks to Olympic hopeful Jenna Hawkey

The flatwater sprint canoeist shows Poorna Bell a thing or two on the water and tells us how to get THAT body.

Jenna Hawkey (© Nichole de Carle)

Jenna Hawkey is impossibly pretty in the flesh - she has a heavy fringe (which she later clips back when showing me how to canoe), is unbelievably nice, and has arms and a toned midriff to die for. The athlete (and sports model) is an international flatwater canoeist and will be taking part in the 500-metre flatwater sprint during the Olympics.

My aim is to find out just how Jenna gets that bod (which she reveals in MSN Her's video below) and what tips I can pick up from her with regards to technique. I fancy myself as a part-time kayaker (that means I always hop in one on holiday but am too much of a wuss to take it up properly as a hobby in England) but I'm surprised at just how 'tippy' it is.

The fact that Jenna's is even more rocky (it looks like a needle), and that she uses it to cover distance very, very quickly, makes me respect her all the more. Watch the video for our interview with Jenna, and you can follow her on Twitter or find out what she's up to on her blog.

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