11/05/2012 13:12 | By Zoe Zahra, contributor, MSN Her

What’s going on with Lindsay Lohan’s face?

The 25-year-old starlet has hit the red carpet with a rather pillowy look that leaves us wondering if she’s had surgery. We take a closer look…

Lindsay Lohan (© PA)

We're used to seeing photos of Lindsay Lohan in all sorts of situations from mugshots to papped pictures of her looking a little worse for wear while stumbling out of nightclubs, but after seeing her walk the red carpet in New York the other day there are new concerns that have left us wondering - what is going on with Lindsay's face?

From a distance she looks lovely, dressed in a gold and black lace dress and stillettos. However, although admittedly the fake tan is a little patchy, a zoomed-in look at her face (see above) suggests that she's also had plastic surgery.

There is a huge pressure to look to look picture-perfect in Hollywood and we've seen other stars, such as Meg Ryan and Melanie Griffith, with pillow faces, but at 25 isn't it a little too early for Lindsay to be going under the surgeon's knife?

Dr Sach Mohan who is one of the UK's most sought-after cosmetic physician, says of Lindsay: "The drugs and booze have caught up with her very quickly, pictures of her a year ago showed a gaunt face with hollowing under the eyes. But look at her now."

Revealing what surgery she may have had, he says: "Her surgeon has used fillers to raise the cheek and restore the eyelid-cheek margin, but unfortunately has gone a step too far, injecting too much, to leave her with the dreaded pillow face!"

Dr Sach belives Lindsay should stop messing with her face, saying: "The excessive filler use has continued below the cheeks too, leaving her without the defining features that made her beautiful. This step too far has made her now look 10 years older than she is."

What do you think? Has Lindsay gone a step too far? Should she leave the botox and fillers?

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