11/03/2013 10:45 | By Nic Hopkirk, Managing Editor, Lifestyle

The shampoo that makes your hair grow faster

Had a bad haircut or trying to grow out a fringe? Help is at hand to speed up the process.

When we discovered a shampoo and conditioner that claims to make your hair grow faster, we had to give it a try.

Everyone's been there: a trip to the hairdressers that leaves the hair a bit shorter than desired, a fringe that seems to be taking forever to grow out.

I've been in the latter category of these two hair conundrums for about the past four months and have been trying to grow out my fringe for what feels like forever. So when I discovered Fast Shampoo and a plethora of good reviews supporting it, I had to give it a go.

Fast Shampoo and Conditioner (© Fast)


The Fast Shampoo and Conditioner must be used regularly - daily if possible - and no other shampoos/conditioners should be used while you are using them, to ensure maximum growth results. However, it is fine to use your normal styling products as usual once the hair is washed.

Clinical trials:

In clinical trials involving 20 volunteers, respondents found a 30-50% increase in growth rate after six weeks, with the treatment becoming increasingly effective over time.

The normal average growth rate for hair over one month is 1.7cm. With Fast this increases to 2cm. Over three months the normal growth rate is 3.2cm, using Fast this increases to 4cm.

Our trial:

I've been using Fast Shampoo and Conditioner daily for the past month and have seen great results. In that time my hair has grown 2.3cm, when it would normally grow around 1.5cm. I have also seen the added benefit of softer, shinier hair, which is great. Initially my hair felt a little dry when I started using the products, but it was still easy to brush after applying the conditioner and this disappeared after a few days. I would definitely recommend using Fast if you are looking to grow your hair.

So what’s the secret – How does F.A.S.T Really Work?

The manufacturers behind the brand, Nisim, say it's down to the special blend of amino acids, B-complex vitamins and herbs, which help to providea healthy scalp and hair growth environment for maximum growth potential.  According to Nisim, the sulphur-containing amino acids are a key part of the process.

A spokesman for the brand said: "There are many shampoos that contain proteins, vitamins and/or amino acids to help increase hair growth but what makes Fast different is the unique blend of these ingredients. Fast targets the hair at a key phase in the growing cycle, allowing it to grow at the maximum possible rate."

On Bing: find and buy Fast Shampoo

Visit www.fasthair.co.uk to find out more.

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