21/07/2013 11:45

Karen Gillan shaves her head

Dr Who star Karen Gillan shaves off her long locks for 2014 Marvel flick: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Karen Gillan (© Rex Features)

Dr Who star Karen Gillan has boldly gone where few have gone before. The red-haired star has shaved off her long locks for a new film role.

Karen plays Nebula, a villainous pirate who spends much of her time trying to wipe out entire civilisations.

Karen Gillan (© Rex Features)

The star has a busy year ahead as she launches her movie career. Along with Guardians Of The Galaxy, she will star in the upcoming supernatural thriller Oculus.

She also has British romantic comedy Not Another Happy Ending under her belt. In the film she plays a writer called Jane Lockhart who is blocked on her second novel, after achieving huge success with her first.

Karen Gillan (© KIERAN DOHERTY Newscom RTR)

Pictured above: Karen at the premiere of Sex And The City 2 at London's Leicester Square in 2010.

Karen Gillan (© Associated Press)

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