21/12/2011 15:28
Eat yourself beautiful

Snapdragon Beauty Beverage

Snapdragon Beauty Beverage (© Snapdragon)
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  • Glamour Food chocolate (© Glamour Food)
  • IO Beauty Booster (© IO)
  • Snapdragon Beauty Beverage (© Snapdragon)
  • Deo Perfume Candy (© Deo)
  • Nimble bar (© Nimble)
  • Neal’s Yard Organic Beauty Oil (© Neal’s Yard)
  • Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bear Boosters (© Borba)
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We all know how important staying hydrated is when it comes to looking after our skin, but a new drink claims to go one step further. The manufacturers of Snapdragon Beauty Beverage claim that the ingredients in their fruit-based drink can work wonders on our skin. Nutritionist Angela Walker isn't convinced. "This appears to be a beverage containing botanicals, herbal extracts and phytonutrients: lots of which have biologically active effects on the body, including the skin," admits Angela. "So yes, in theory, this may be beneficial for skin, but personally I'd want to see a little more justification as to its 'beauty' credentials, before I'd be convinced." Our advice? Stick to water - it's free.

£11.64 for two bottles, votrevu.com

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