04/09/2012 16:38 | By Jess Edwards, MSN Her

Beauty review: Cher Lloyd Eau De Toilette

Cher Lloyd's debut fragrance has been flying off the shelves so MSN Her wanted to find out what all the fuss was about…

Cher Lloyd (© Ian West, PA Wire, Press Association)

Cher looks extremely happy with herself pictured here at the launch of her fragrance in London this week, and why shouldn't she be? Her debut scent exceeded sales expectations by 500% on its day of release at The Fragrance Shop, forcing the retailer to call in more stock.

The floral fragrance includes top notes of golden quince, cassis and exotic kiwi mixed with white chocolate and jasmine petals, leaving a scent with a vibe.

Seeing as everyone's talking about it, we've decided to see what all the fuss is about and review the perfume ourselves...

The packaging

Cher Lloyd eau de toilette (© Cher Lloyd)

It's pretty obvious who this perfume is targeted at when looking at the bright pink shiny perfume box and unique pink diamond-shaped bottle. And we think Cher's done a great job. Sure, there aren't that many older professional women who would want this bottle displayed on their dressing table, but for a 13-year-old girl, it's pretty near perfect.

The scent

Described on the back of the box as 'a sweet fruity floral fragrance', this scent doesn't disappoint. The fruity kiwi and cassis flavours certainly stand out initially with the creamy musks and vanilla hints wafting their way through on second smelling.

Value for money

At just £15 for a 30ml bottle, this scent is the perfect price for a gift to a younger family member.

Cher Lloyd's eau de toilette (© Cher Lloyd)

What the MSN girls say

Stacey: 'it was sugarcoated burst of syrupy deliciousness!'

Rachel: 'there's almost a smell of the sweetshop inside. It really lingers, too'

Jo: 'it's certainly not a subtle smell. The packaging would attract a young teenager, I think anyone older might find the giant diamond shaped bottle a bit cheap-looking.'

Andrea: 'when it first hits your nose it's sort of nice, but seconds later it turns kind of cloying and overwhelming'

Jackie: 'a bit like smearing yourself with a mixture of Krispy Kremes and car air freshener there's really nothing sophisticated about Cher's signature scent. I'd go so far as to say it would probably give you an ice-cream headache by the end of the day. That saying, 8-year-olds everywhere will love it - I predict she'll make millions.'

What the MSN boys say

Rob: 'I think it smells a bit too sweet for my girlfriend's taste, a bit like candy floss'

Andy: 'I'd buy it for my niece, but not for my wife'

Final verdict

It's not something we'd want to wear but for a young girl, we think it's perfect.

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